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Women Frontline Tier Listing: Greatest Characters Ranked

Picture: Sunborn Japan and Mica Crew.

Women Frontline is a cell technique role-playing recreation that takes place in a world crammed with ruins and fixed catastrophe throughout a battle. On this recreation, gamers can acquire and use over 100 characters with distinctive buffs, strengths, and weaknesses. To avoid wasting the world from impending doom, you wish to have the most effective characters in your echelon. Right here is our ranked tier listing for all characters in Women Frontline.

All Characters in Women Frontline Ranked

All characters, in any other case referred to as T-Dolls, have their weapon sort. Do not forget that every weapon has strengths relying on the state of affairs, so it’s at all times sensible to know what you might be moving into as you put together your Echelon. Beneath is a desk with all of the characters categorized into their particular weapon sort.

Tier Assault Rifle Handgun Machine Gune Rifle Shotgun Submachine Gun
S Fal, G11, HK416, G41, OTs-14, T91. Grizzly, M950A, Welrod MK. 2. Mg5, Negev. M99, NTW-20, WA2000. KSG, M1887, Saiga-12, Thompson. Suomi, Sort 79, Vector.
A Ak-12, AM RFB, AN-94, ART556, AUG, K2, MDR, Sort 95, Sort 97, Zas M21. Contender, 5-SeveN, USP Compact. MG4, HK21, NZ75, PKP. Lee-Enfield, SRS, Kar98k, JS05, DSR-50, Carcano M91, Carcano M1891. AA-12, FP-6, SAT 8, M1014, SPAS-12. C-MS, G36C, Sort 100, SR-3MP, RO635, MP7.
B XM8, TAR-21, Sort 56-1, Ribeyrolles, M4A1, M4 SOPMOD II, M16A1, G36, FAMAS, 9A-91, Ak 5, AR-15, AS VAL, CZ2000. Bren Ten, Thunder .50 cal, Stechkin, K5, M1873, Mk23, P7, Spiire, SPP-1. AEK-999, Ameli, M1918, M60, MG3, Mk48, PK, Sort 80. Ballista, G28, T-5000, SVD, Springfield, PzB39, PTRD, Mosin-Nagant. M1014, USAS-12, Sort 97, Tremendous-shorty, M37, M590, SPAS-12. G36C, UMP9, UMP45, UMP40, Shipka, PP-90, PP-19-01, PP-19, Klin, Honey Badger, Gr MP5.
C AK-47, CZ-805, FF FNC, OTs-12, StG44, AR70, ARX-160, ASH-12.7, Mannequin L, T65. Astra Revolver, Tokarev, Mauser C96, Makarov, M9, Luger P08, Glock 17, CZ52, GSh-18, HK45, P226, P99, PSM, Serdyukov, Sort 59. Hanyang 88, M2HB, MG42, Bren, HK23, M249 SAW, RPD. Gr PSG-1, M1 Garand, M14, M21, SV-98, Gepard M1, Sort 81, WZ 29, OTs-44, SSG 69, Tremendous SASS. KS-23, RMB-93, M1897, M500, NS2000. EVO 3, Z-62, Sten, Skorpion, Ingram, FMG-9, F1, TMP, T77, SCW, OTs-39, M12, MT-9.
D 6P62, F2000, Sort 63, SIG-510, L85A1, Galil, G3. PPK, Nagant Revolver, MP-446, M1911, FNP-9. M1919, MG34, LWMMG, AAT-52, DP28, FG42. Sort 56, VM59, SVT-38, Simonov, G43, FN-49. Beretta Mannequin 38, IDW, M3, M45, PP-2000, PPSh-41, Specter M4, Sort 64. Mini Uzi, PPS-43

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S Tier

On this tier degree, you can see the most effective characters in Lady Frontline that supply unimaginable perks and excessive base stats. Having an echelon crammed with S-ranked characters will possible lead to a win in opposition to even essentially the most difficult enemies within the recreation. Whereas every weapon sort is extra substantial in sure conditions, the standout names right here can deal with something thrown their approach.

Fal is one to pay attention to right here, as she has a useful potential that launches three grenades consecutively that causes 5 occasions base injury with a 1.5 radius, a good way to hit many targets. Then there may be T91, who’s the right character to have at evening as nighttime will increase her injury by 120% and demanding fee by 50%.

A Tier

If S rating is simply too exhausting to get ahold of, you received’t go incorrect choosing any of the characters within the A tier. Placing them within the appropriate order on the battlefield will improve their potential, making them a lethal drive excellent for any mission.

The highest names listed below are Contender and PKP. Contender’s Inquisitor’s Bullet talent offers thrice her base injury and can goal the enemies with the very best hp, which is particularly useful throughout a boss battle. N275, however, has the Ultimatum potential that has a 20% likelihood to shoot a further bullet with assured important injury.

B Tier

Characters on this tier are okay, however they might be higher. The names within the B tier are a good way to progress within the recreation till higher choices, ideally S or A-tier names, turn out to be accessible. With first rate stats, the enemies shouldn’t trigger these characters an excessive amount of hassle within the early recreation.

Let’s take a look at a few standout names within the B tier. CZ2000 could make an enormous distinction within the participant’s echelon as she has a capability that will increase injury by 65% throughout the daytime or will increase accuracy by 40% at nighttime. This makes her excellent for each day and evening. Then don’t overlook Bren Ten, who raises ally injury by 18%, making her an excellent teammate.

C Tier

That is when the characters enter the “dangerous” territory. They aren’t the worst choices within the recreation, however as gamers attain the mid-game, they’ll quickly discover that they shouldn’t make investments time into them because the tougher enemies will destroy them.

When you should use a few of these characters, listed below are some suggestions. Ak-47 has excessive base well being, which will help improve her injury by 35% by means of her Strike Focus potential. After which M14 can improve her injury by 60%, however sadly, just for 5 seconds. Nonetheless, this will deal one devastating shot.

D Tier

Now, these are the characters that gamers ought to keep away from from the gecko. The one circumstance these choices ought to be in a participant’s echelon is whether it is throughout the first few battles, the place they don’t have any different selection. With low base stats and underwhelming skills, it should take a extremely expert participant to make them work.

Pay attention to 6P62’s important AR injury, as she has one of many lowest accuracy stats within the recreation, making her excessive injury nearly ineffective. You will note this so much within the D tier degree, a stat that appears good however is nearly at all times introduced down by one other abysmal stat.

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