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Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty freshmen information – 6 suggestions earlier than you begin

About 20 minutes into Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty, you’ll face your first boss battle. And it’s brutal.

Apart from driving house simply how masocore Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty is, it additionally serves as a crash course in many of the sport’s methods. They’re simply probably not defined properly. And that, frankly, goes to be plenty of your expertise early on with Wo Lengthy — overwhelming methods that you just don’t perceive. But.

Our Wo Lengthy newbie’s information will assist you determine what’s happening, based mostly on our roughly 20 hours of expertise with the sport (a stunning quantity of which was simply failing on the identical boss fights again and again). We’ll provide help to perceive the sport’s Battle and Marker Flags, the place and how one can journey, how gear works and the way a lot it slows you down, and the way to consider your Spirit gauge.

Consider Wo Lengthy as a linear soulslike

In contrast to different soulslike video games, there’s not a lot looping and grinding in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty (except you need to). We described it as extra of an extended stroll punctuated by periodic ass-kickings. The story performs out throughout a collection of areas, referred to as Battlefields, which can be fairly large, however your path by way of them is usually linear. (There are branching paths and also you’ll be rewarded with loot for exploring them, although.)

A Wo Long player facing a Fengxi demon

You’ll have a lot of boss fights.
Picture: Group Ninja/Koei Tecmo by way of Polygon

That linear path will lead you thru a collection of boss fights — these periodic ass-kickings we talked about. Be taught to like them.

As you journey by way of a Battlefield — and often proper earlier than each boss battle — you’ll discover Battle Flags and Marker Flags.

  • Battle Flags are the place you’ll restart once you (repeatedly) die. They’re the place you’ll degree up and be taught new Wizardry Spells, and in addition the place you’ll relaxation to refill your Dragon’s Remedy Pot (well being flask)
  • Marker Flags look comparable, however work in a different way. They refill your well being, however not your Dragon’s Remedy Pot. Extra importantly, they improve your Fortitude which is like Morale, however completely different.

Let’s discuss Morale.

Perceive how Morale and Fortitude work

To oversimplify it, Wo Lengthy’s Morale system is a measure of what number of baddies you’ve killed with out dying. It’s extra nuanced, in fact, however that’s the core concept.

A personality’s Morale (each yours and your enemies’) figures in to how highly effective that character is — increased Morale equals a more durable battle. Once you kill sufficient baddies, your Morale goes up. When a baddie kills you, your Morale goes down and theirs goes up — making the following time you encounter them a little bit bit more durable.

A Wo Long player who was just victorious in taking Revenge.

Take Revenge on who killed you to reclaim your misplaced Qi and Morale.
Picture: Group Ninja/Koei Tecmo by way of Polygon

If you end up killed, you’ll additionally lose half of your Real Qi (your leveling up foreign money, kinda like souls in Darkish Souls video games) to whoever or no matter killed you. That baddie will get a flame icon round their Morale (the quantity over their head). So that you can reclaim your Qi and your Morale factors, you need to face them once more and get your Revenge.

The way in which to forestall your self from dropping an excessive amount of Morale is to boost your Fortitude. Fortitude is the decrease restrict to your Morale — your Morale won’t ever fall under your Fortitude, and elevating your Fortitude previous your Morale will elevate your Morale to match.

Your Fortitude will increase each time your elevate a Marker Flag. Nevertheless, it resets every time you journey to a brand new Battlefield or Sub Battlefield. Talking of which…

Sub Battlefields are facet missions

At a Battle Flag (not a Marker Flag), you’ll have the choice to journey. That is the way you’ll replay earlier sections of the sport, discover a replayable tutorial, and play by way of facet missions.

The Wo Long Travel menu with a Sub Battlefield highlighted

The Journey menu allows you to head off on facet missions.
Picture: Group Ninja/Koei Tecmo by way of Polygon

These Sub Battlefields are smaller, shorter fights in comparison with the principle Battlefields. They’re good to tackle, although, as a result of they get you new gear and new improve supplies as rewards.

We broke down Wo Lengthy’s complicated gear system right here, however let’s discuss gear weight.

Gear and gear weight are extra essential than you’d suppose

There are not any courses in Wo Lengthy, so that you’re free to create your personal based mostly on the way you degree up — decided by which 5 Phases Virtues you set factors into once you degree up — and the gear you resolve to equip.

Gear has a complete system of upgrades and rarity. An important half to know early, although, is your Gear Weight score — principally, your character’s encumbrance. (You’ll be able to improve your Max Gear Weight by growing your Earth Advantage once you degree up.)

The Wo Long equipment menu with the weight category icon highlighted and an arrow pointing to the equipment’s weight.

Your armor’s weight class reveals up as an icon.
Picture: Group Ninja/Koei Tecmo by way of Polygon

Once you’re choosing out armor, you’ll see a tiny icon slightly below and to the left of the image. It is a marker for mild, medium, and heavy armor. There’s a little bit gauge under the helmet icon with one, two, or three chunks stuffed in to point that.

There’s additionally an gear weight displayed on the backside of the gear’s card. Confusingly, the share proven right here is not the share of your max capability. As a substitute, it’s how a lot this piece of kit contributes to your present load. For the share of your max capability, you’ll must look on the Standing display.

The quantity you’re carrying turns right into a stat you will discover in your character’s Standing menu tab. You’ll see the max weight of kit you’ll be able to carry, the share of the max weight your present armor is, and a letter grade. The letter is your Agility stat — A is about 0-30% of your max, B is roughly 30-70%, C is 70-100% or so, and D is something over 100%.

Apart from how shortly you progress, that Agility stat determines how briskly your Spirit drains. And Spirit is a giant deal in Wo Lengthy.

Spirit is an important gauge

In Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty, consider your Spirit as a mix of a stamina gauge and a mana gauge. Each your character and each enemy have Spirit Gauges.

You’ll lose Spirit once you get hit or dodge, and also you’ll spend Spirit to forged Wizardry Spells or carry out Martial Arts. You’ll achieve Spirit once you land common melee assaults or once you efficiently deflect an assault. Getting hit with some assaults shrinks the higher and decrease limits of a personality’s Spirit gauge.

When a Spirit Gauge is drained to its decrease restrict, that particular person (or demon) might be shocked for a couple of seconds, opening them as much as a strong assault. Your purpose is to keep away from that occuring to you, and, extra importantly, be certain it occurs to your enemy. These assaults once they’re shocked are invaluable in boss fights.

Managing your Spirit gauge whilst you deplete your enemies’ is key in Wo Lengthy. And the easiest way to do it’s by deflecting.

Deflecting is simply as essential as attacking

Wo Lengthy’s deflect is loads like a parry in different video games. You hit the B/circle button simply earlier than an enemy’s assault lands and it redirects the assault. That is completely different from merely guarding in opposition to an assault — one thing you may also do, but it surely’s much less helpful.

Two warriors fight on a grassy plane in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Picture: Group Ninja/Koei Tecmo by way of Polygon

Versus guarding, that merely drains your Spirit gauge, deflecting each shrinks and damages the attacker’s gauge. And that’s the way you management fights — that’s why we introduced it up a lot within the first boss battle information.

Different video games have (excellent) parry mechanics that offer you a gap to assault. Wo Lengthy’s deflect takes that to a complete new degree.



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