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Visualize Including Fractions – Trainer Tech

Individuals stink at fractions. I might say it’s uncommon to listen to college students or adults declare “I’m nice at fractions!” Memorizing steps and guidelines to be taught fractions clearly is just not that efficient. PLEASE don’t train college students tips comparable to “Maintain Flip Change.” When approaching any math downside it can be crucial that college students begin by considering via what they’re doing and never merely remembering steps. College students get confused after they do or don’t want frequent denominators as a result of they’re making an attempt to recollect a rule as a substitute of actually understanding what’s going on. Assist college students to visualise including fractions till THEY get the sample.

I requested my 4th grade son what 1/2 plus 3/4 was. He acquired flustered and wasn’t certain what to do. He knew he shouldn’t add the denominators however out of frustration went forward and did it anyway simply so he might get a solution. I then had him use Mathigon Polypad (

Utilizing Polypad to Add Fractions

College students don’t have to log into Mathigon to be able to use the free useful resource Polypad. IF they wish to SAVE their work, they might want to login.

I confirmed my 10 12 months outdated one time how one can drag out the fraction bars and resize them.

Fraction bars in mathigon showing 1 over 1 and it broken down into 1/2 and 1/3. All the way to 1/12.

Drag out the specified fraction bar after which seize the sting to take it from being a worth of 1 to the specified fraction. Clicking on the bar offers completely different choices. One is to “rename” the bar into completely different chunks. College students simply visualize how 1/2 is identical as 2/4. Quite than pointing this out to them, ask college students “What do you discover?” Enable them to seek out the patterns.

1/2 fraction bar and three 1/4 fraction bars. The 1/2 is lined up with two of the 1/4. Clicking on the 1/2 bar shows a menu of options including "rename"

Let College students Discover

It’s tempting to do the considering for the scholars. We would like them to straight away get to the bottom frequent denominator. Nevertheless, college students, given time, can determine this idea as soon as they’ve established the patterns. I gave my son an issue for him to attempt on his personal and he renamed the 1/3 bars till the denominators have been 1/30. I used to be sort of horrified however saved my mouth shut. He then acquired the 1/2 bars to the identical denominator of 1/30 and he counted out every bar so as to add up and get a complete over 30.

Let’s Do It Once more

Expressing issues a number of methods is a norm in my classroom. After we use digital instruments that make it simple to analyze one other approach of approaching the issue college students can do the identical downside 5 occasions and never complain.

“Nice, now what’s one other option to do it? Are you able to do it with a unique denominator?”

My son did the fraction visualization once more. Additionally with a bigger denominator. We repeated this 5 occasions. He was having such a enjoyable time utilizing Polypad he had no complaints about that.

Equal Fractions

You probably did this 5 alternative ways, however acquired “completely different solutions.” If they’re all appropriate they they’re equal. So we wrote out all of the equal fractions utilizing an equals signal.

Discover the Sample

I need my son to determine the sample earlier than I inform him. It didn’t take him lengthy to say “no not this one” as he naturally realized he wouldn’t be capable to get the opposite fraction to have that as a denominator.

Doing a Couple of Issues A number of Methods is Extra Efficient

We solely did 4 follow issues, however every of them he did a number of methods. That is more practical than a worksheet of 20-30 repetitive issues. The 4 follow issues required him to strategize and suppose via them. When doing a worksheet of repetitive issues you cease “considering” after 3 issues and are simply making an attempt to use the steps. It can be crucial that the mind is challenged.

“If doing 30 issues labored, we’d all be good at math.”

Jo Boaler

With out me prompting him, my son was determining how one can be extra environment friendly to get frequent denominators.

Spaced Repetition

Karpicke, J. D., & Roediger, H. L. (2008). The essential significance of retrieval for studying. Science, 319(5865), 966-968.

Whereas this paper focuses on the significance of retrieval follow for studying, it additionally discusses the advantages of spaced repetition. The authors argue that spaced repetition permits for higher long-term retention of fabric in comparison with massed follow, the place materials is crammed all of sudden. They cite a number of research in help of this declare, together with analysis on math downside fixing. One examine talked about discovered that spaced repetition improved college students’ potential to unravel math issues over time, whereas massed follow didn’t result in important enhancements.

Rohrer, D., & Taylor, Okay. (2006). The results of overlearning and distributed follow on the retention of arithmetic information. Utilized Cognitive Psychology, 20(9), 1209-1224.

This examine examined the results of overlearning and distributed follow on the retention of arithmetic information. The outcomes confirmed that distributed follow led to raised long-term retention of math information in comparison with massed follow. The authors argue that that is as a result of advantages of spaced repetition, the place materials is revisited at intervals, permitting for more practical encoding and retrieval of data. Total, the examine gives additional proof for the effectiveness of spaced repetition in enhancing retention of math information.

Revising Visualizing

The subsequent day I requested him to repeat the duty utilizing one query. He eagerly repeated it. I might see that he was fascinated with the visualization as a substitute of simply following steps.

Tim Brzezinski

Tim Brzezinski is a grasp with digital math instruments. He has an excellent TikTok channel to clarify math ideas. He additionally uploads useful math movies to his YouTube channel.

Ditch keep flip change. Tim Brzezinski demonstrates dividing two thirds by four fifths using mathigon tiles.

Howie Hua

One other nice useful resource for understanding math ideas is Howie Hua. Try his YouTube Channel and his TikTok Channel.

  • Visualize Adding Fractions

    College students have lengthy struggled with fractions. Persevering with the standard approach of instructing fractions realizing that they haven’t labored is presumably the definition of madness. College students want to visualise and discover ideas to achieve quantity sense to be able to enhance their confidence and understanding of fractions. Have college students visualize including fractions till they’re able to uncover the sample relatively than telling them the foundations for frequent denominators. Use Mathigon Polypad to assist college students with the visualization.

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Visualize Including Fractions

To visualise including fractions, first, perceive that fractions characterize components of a complete. Subsequent, discover a frequent denominator for the fractions you wish to add. That is essential as a result of fractions with completely different denominators can’t be added immediately. Upon getting a standard denominator, you’ll be able to add the numerators of the fractions collectively. To do that, think about shading within the corresponding components of the entire for every fraction. Then, mix the shaded components to seek out the entire shaded space, which represents the sum of the fractions. Lastly, simplify the ensuing fraction if doable. By visualizing the method of including fractions on this approach, it turns into simpler to know and keep in mind the steps concerned.

Visualize Including Fractions Utilizing Mathigon Polypad

Mathigon Polypad is a strong on-line device that may assist visualize including fractions. Listed here are the steps to do it:

  1. Open the Mathigon Polypad web site and click on on “Fractions” to open the fraction device.
  2. Drag two fraction blocks onto the workspace. For instance, you would drag 1/4 and three/8 blocks.
  3. Click on on the gear icon within the nook of the fraction block to edit the denominator. Change the denominators so they’re the identical. For instance, change each denominators to eight.
  4. Drag the items of the fractions to shade within the acceptable quantity. You should utilize the sq. and rectangle blocks to create the shapes you want. For instance, drag two eighths and three eighths onto the workspace.
  5. Click on on the “Mix” button to see the ensuing fraction. The full shaded space represents the sum of the 2 fractions you added.
  6. If essential, simplify the ensuing fraction by clicking on the gear icon and dividing each the numerator and denominator by a standard issue.

By utilizing Mathigon Polypad, you’ll be able to simply visualize including fractions and see the leads to real-time. This can assist deepen your understanding of the idea and make it simpler to recollect the steps concerned.



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