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Undertaking Black Flag Playtests

It is a web site for discussing roleplaying video games. Have enjoyable doing so, however there may be one main rule: don’t focus on political points that are not straight and uniquely associated to the topic of the thread and about gaming. Whereas this web site is devoted to free speech, the next is not going to be tolerated: devolving a thread into unrelated political dialogue, sockpuppeting (utilizing a number of and/or bogus accounts), disrupting matters with out contributing to them, and posting photos that would get somebody fired within the office (an exterior hyperlink is OK, however clearly mark it as Not Secure For Work, or NSFW). When you obtain a warning, please take it critically and both transfer on to a different subject or steer the dialogue again to its unique RPG-related theme.

Matter: Undertaking Black Flag Playtests  (Learn 2596 occasions)

Meet the senior sport designer for the venture:


When you had ANY doubts it was gonna be woke as fuck.

If we DON’T get dangerhaired genderfluid elves, nonbinary dwarves, halflings who tick all of the NAMBLA fetish packing containers, oppressed orcs in tune with nature and all ciswhite males take a -5 to all stats as reparations for previous oppressions, then I will accuse them of being insufficiently woke for 2023 Seattle values.

Make the bastards stay as much as their very own fool requirements. Then mock them for his or her fool requirements.

Black Flag shouldn’t be going to avoid wasting the D&D group.

From the most recent Kobold Press publication, see picture under.

Black Flag shouldn’t be going to avoid wasting the D&D group.

The purpose is simply to wreck WotC. The purpose would even be to separate up assist between Paizo and Kobold. If Paizo turns into the 800 pound gorilla with PF2e, they’re simply as woke as WotC, so that does not assist us. If defection from WotC and D&D is extra evenly distributed, that general weakens the ability SJWs have over the interest as a complete. If individuals are questioning if they need to go to PF2e or Black Flag, the comparability clearly invitations strategies for different methods as effectively. Which might imply Savage Worlds or Castles & Crusades, and strengthening both of them would solely be good.




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