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Trivia Quiz: Face It

Braingle’s Every day Trivia Quiz for Jan 27, 2023

A Humanities > Linguistics Quiz : Right here it’s – in your face! Will you resist one other idiom problem like a real “Braingler”, or do an about face? Every query contains a completely different idiomatic use of the phrase “face”.

1. Telling a joke or a lie successfully usually requires conserving a _____ face.
2. "Put a courageous face on" is closest in which means to which of the next?
3. When she exclaims, "I am simply placing my face on!" the girl in all probability means, "_____."
4. To have "egg in your face" means _____.
5. Making an attempt to cowl up for a mistake, to maintain respect, or to keep away from humiliation, is attempting to _____ face.
6. One thing which challenges, or is the alternative of, an accepted perception could also be stated "to ____ within the face of" that perception.
7. Somebody described as "two-faced" is:
8. To just accept one thing as what it seems to be is to take it "_____".
9. To be confronted with the presumably disagreeable penalties of your actions is "to face the _____".
10. The exclamation "Get outta my face!" means:

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