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Stage Up (A5E) – ENterplanetary DimENsions: Deadly LX-13 | EN World | Dungeons & Dragons

As we speak could be the deadliest entry but for ENterplanetary DimENsions, and although a lot of the locations described on this column are positive for a go to we suggest solely probably the most skilled explorers dare to tread upon Deadly LX-13.

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Within the overwhelming majority of cosmic archives if the planet LX-13 is designated in any respect it’s marked as too hostile for contact or surveying, labeled with the identical warnings as corrosive fuel giants or locations of fixed tectonic upheaval. But its floor teems with vegetation and creatures—all completely deadly. From the soil to the air and even the bones of the useless all the things on this graveyard of crashed ships, doomed survivors, and impressive fools is akin to an invite from dying itself.

No civilization has been in a position to develop on this homicide planet however native fauna and flora are among the many deadliest creatures wherever within the universe. From gestation till after dying the lifeforms pure to LX-13 possess a litany of defenses—serrated eggs and spiked birthmounds, poisonous blood, projecting venom sacks, explosive vascular techniques, bark or bones that flip into shrapnel underfoot when dried out. What these creatures lack in mind they greater than make up for in brutality, ferocity, and savagery, and regardless of the dimensions of the forces or the heights of know-how arrayed in opposition to them they at all times prevail when repelling guests to their world. A number of interstellar civilizations expressly forbid visiting this planet, and when a spacecraft is discovered to have been there it’s subjected to quarantine till it’s conclusively confirmed to be protected for contact.

Planar Traits. LX-13 has the next planar traits and the Narrator ought to make use of the acid, dense smoke, excessive chilly, excessive warmth, frigid water, heavy precipitation, excessive gravity, low gravity, reminiscence crystals, miring floor, toxic vegetation, speeding liquid, and robust winds encounter components. When it’s doable to take action, noticing one in all these encounter components earlier than it’s too near keep away from requires a DC 20 Notion test.

Notice. This planet will not be acceptable for tier 0 and tier 1 events.

Playtest Supplies. In case ya missed it: Stage Up (A5E) – ENterplanetary DimENsions: Superb Archetypes & Improbable Feats Playtest.

Aggressive Air

The ambiance of this world is hostile and unforgiving, stuffed with particulates that choke something that breathes it and react wildly when uncovered to the sanguine aftermath of violence.

Cloying Spores

Merely consuming the air of LX-13 is a harmful proposition, the acute pollination by native plants progressively filling airways with accumulating spores that slowly choke victims to dying. After a variety of hours equal to its hit cube a creature respiratory the air of LX-13 suffers a stage of fatigue. Solely creatures that should not have to breathe or have corrosive biology (such because the Caustic Blood of a xenid) are proof against this impact. In any other case avoiding the suffocating properties of the ambiance requires a stress swimsuit (see Guncalta) and positive or masterwork air protected (see Aquestio).

Reactive Environment

Even creatures that don’t draw breath will not be protected from being savaged by this world’s air. At any time when a bloodied residing creature takes power injury on LX-13, if it isn’t in an intact stress swimsuit it suffers a further impact decided by the kind of power (see Desk: Reactive Environment). So long as the power injury will not be a part of a important hit, a creature with at the least one free hand can use its response to right away clamp down on its harm and stop the results of Reactive Environment.

Desk: Reactive Environment

Sort of Vitality



The creature makes a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw or turns into slowed till the tip of its subsequent flip because the sudden corrosion’s impression spreads by way of spores into the lungs.


The creature’s Velocity is diminished by 5 toes till the beginning of its subsequent flip because the spores round its physique flash-freeze into miniature obstacles.


Ignited pollen is sucked into the creature’s veins dealing 2 (1d4) ongoing fireplace injury till it makes use of a bonus motion to make a DC 12 Structure saving throw.


Localized stress fluctuates across the creature till the tip of its subsequent flip and it has drawback on Power and Dexterity checks.


The creature makes a DC 8 Power saving throw or turns into confused till the tip of its subsequent flip as its nerves are thrown asunder.


The creature makes a DC 12 Knowledge saving throw or turns into rattled till the beginning of its subsequent flip as echoes of the numerous useless assail it.


The creature makes a DC 8 Structure saving throw or suffers a stage of fatigue as spores are drawn to the wound and into its physique.


The creature makes a DC 8 Intelligence saving throw or suffers a stage of strife as its thoughts is overpowered by the dying shocks of the miniature lifeforms round it.


The creature makes a DC 8 Charisma saving throw or it’s blinded till the beginning of its subsequent flip because the air displays vivid gentle across the wound.


The creature makes a DC 16 Power saving throw or turns into deafened for 1 minute because the ambiance rebounds with shockwaves that baffle it. On a failure by 5 or extra it’s as an alternative deafened for 10 minutes, or on a failure by 10 or extra it’s deafened for 1 hour.

Deadly Lifeforms

Solely probably the most hardy and savage creatures are in a position to endure the fixed threats consuming LX-13 and they’re simply as deadly as their homeworld. Any space discovered on the planet is at minimal a tier 3 area, and there are not any pure havens wherever on the planet. As well as, every time the get together takes a protracted relaxation with a bloodied creature they’re attacked after 2d4 hours.

Exploding Bones

Skeletons which have dried of their marrow are additional decayed by plant spores in LX-13’s ambiance in a peculiar approach, corroding the inside of mobile partitions till what stays is so brittle {that a} sudden impression can flip a long-since perished femur right into a landmine. When 5 kilos of stress or extra is utilized to a sitting skeleton that has been left uncovered to the planet’s ambiance for 1 month or longer it explodes right into a 10-foot cloud of bone shrapnel. Every creature within the space makes a Dexterity saving throw, taking 3d6 piercing injury on a failed save, or half as a lot injury on a profitable one.

Excessive Excrement

Completely all the things about fauna native to this hostile world is menacing from shortly after conception to nicely after dying. When collected in too nice a focus the excrement from sure creatures on LX-13 can create gravitic distortion fields (see Darakoa).

Unforgiving Flora

Humanoids that perish are overtaken by nature because the hyper pollinating vegetation infect their corpses, forcing them to rise anew and group along with different animated victims of LX-13. The Undead Fortitude trait of zombies ensuing from one in all these dispersed zombie hordes is unaffected by radiant injury.


Xenid Playground

The one creatures identified to have the ability to survive (and even thrive) on LX-13 are xenids, hideously terrifying bioweapons engineered for slaughter—whether or not or not their origins are associated to the planet’s denizens is unknown, it will not shock the few explorers which have managed to flee this world with their lives. These monstrosities are apex predators that ferociously seek out survivors from crashed spacecraft and ruthlessly dominate their territories, stopped solely by the biting tundra, stressed waves, or rivals as harmful as they’re. At any time when a colonization ship crashes a brand new grand xenid queen arises from the inventory of hosts all of a sudden dropped at LX-13, its huge spiked beginning hives stretching up into the malevolent sky as a problem to any of its type that might stand in opposition to it. Extra data on xenids might be present in Stage Up: Voidrunner’s Codex.

Resplendent Sources

Solely the supremely determined or silly dare to tread on the floor of this planet, and though virtually none of them ever go away LX-13 loads of others comply with pondering that themselves luckier (discovering out in any other case in a normally horrifying style). Sometimes anybody duped into going right here does so on the behest of grasping firms or unethical scientific amenities, whether or not to seize xenid specimens, mine the abundance of uncommon metals, or purchase another distinctive little bit of life from the hostile world—the hardiness and defensive qualities of fauna and flora native to LX-13 are practically peerless throughout the galaxy, and when concentrated or remoted can simply result in enormous scientific discoveries or document annual income.

Captured Xenids

Regardless of the apparent stupidity of making an attempt to seize them, the excessive worth on the galactic marketplace for xenids make them the first useful resource explorers attempt to take from LX-13 (see Desk: Captured Xenids). Trafficking in these bioweapons is very unlawful and criminals discovered with a xenid of their possession obtain the swiftest, most extreme punishments doable.

Desk: Captured Xenids




Xenid larvae​

1,000 gold​


Xenid strangler​

3,000 gold​

500 gold​


15,000 gold​

3,000 gold​

Xenid queen​

50,000 gold​

10,000 gold​

Mining Operations

Each large-scale effort to extract metals from LX-13 has led to catastrophic failure however there are nonetheless miners on the market keen to attempt to drop in for a fast little bit of revenue. Veins of steel and salvage from people who have already died right here might be found by taking the Survey journey exercise (see Darakoa), besides that any failures lead to an assault by 1d4 xenids (on a important failure) or lone xenid (failure) and the rewards from successful or important success are doubled.

Spacer Salvage

Spacecraft from each period might be discovered on this hostile planet, and when correctly salvaged are in a position to fetch a superb worth—or yield some essential items of know-how to get one other vessel aloft. If it has not been picked over but, at greatest a wrecked starship might be salvaged for half its worth or the supplies required to revive 1/tenth of one other starship’s hit factors (although the Narrator has discretion on what can or can’t be successfully eliminated and reinstalled). Significantly previous starships (of which LX-13 has many) fetch a excessive worth from collectors and museums offered after all that they’re delivered with none obtainable information of the place they got here from.

Sharp Stone

The very rock of LX-13 is alleged to thirst for blood, so jagged upon each floor that regardless of how easy it could appear it shreds aside flesh with ease. When a residing creature touches its naked pores and skin in opposition to any pure stone on this planet or makes a Dexterity saving throw on rocky terrain whereas sporting gentle armor or no armor, it takes 2 (1d4) slashing injury. As well as, barefoot creatures deal with rocky terrain on LX-13 as tough terrain. Creatures with pure armor (together with traits like Draconic Armor: Scales or options resembling a berserker’s Rugged Protection) are immune to those results.
Blood Slicks. When a 5-foot sq. space of pure stone has dealt 10 factors of slashing injury it stops dealing slashing injury till the blood on it has dried (normally after 1d4 hours).

Shrieking Soil

Between the voracious results of airborne spores and the ample sharpness of its pure rock formations, the hostile world’s soil has been thinned and winnowed on a mobile stage making it extraordinarily aware of vibrations. When a hunt is afoot the wilderness of LX-13 appears to wail as prey is taken by predator which turns into prey taken by predator in a complicated symphony of synthetic and guttural cries—till the vicious and cacophonous cycle is floor to an abrupt cease by one thing that can’t be challenged.

Animal or Mineral?

Potential checks made to determine a creature by a name or roar have drawback as it’s tough to discern what may need come from a throat or the eager of the soil.

Screaming Dashes

A creature not native to LX-13 has drawback on Stealth checks when shifting 30 toes or extra in a spherical throughout grime. Ought to the creature transfer 60 toes or extra, an audible shriek that may be heard so far as 500 toes away emits from their path and it can’t conceal from creatures in a position to hear.



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