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“Ribbon Jammer” | Dyson’s Dodecahedron

Ribbon Jammer
Ribbon Jammer (1200 dpi)

Ribbon Jammers are a reasonably conventional spelljammer format – designed round an extended, lean, ship construction that would slot in properly in any non-jamming ocean world apart from the shortage of a keel and rudder. It stands out due to the lengthy ribbons that grasp off the perimeters of the ship and stream out and alongside it because it sails by means of area. They function primarily as small tramp cargo vessels with acceptable space for storing, a modicum of defenses (4 ballistae – two within the fore turrets and two on the aft battle deck – and a single catapult on the battle deck), and room for crew however not friends or passengers in the usual configuration.

Ribbon Jammer
Ribbon Jammer (1200 dpi, no grid)

The command deck has absolutely glassed-in cupolas for sightlines and navigation, however the helm itself is behind them and has considerably worse visuals and main blind spots, making the helmsperson reliant on the crew within the cupolas.

No precise sport stats for the ship are included right here, however it’s roughly 130 toes lengthy by simply over 20 toes broad for comparability with different jammers and ships for the principles set you might be utilizing.

The deckplans have been drawn at 300 pixels per sq. and are 9,300 pixels (31 squares) broad. To make use of this with a VTT you would want to resize the squares to 70 pixels for five′ squares – so resizing it to 2,170 pixels broad.


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