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Phantasy Star On-line 2: New Genesis – All Ryuker Machine, Cocoon, Tower, Area Magazine, and Battledia Areas | Stia Area

Throughout your exploration of Stia in Phantasy Star On-line 2: New Genesis, you may as soon as once more be searching for out numerous the identical key places that you just have been in Aelio, Retem, and Kvaris. As at all times, you may have Ryuker Gadgets that assist you to teleport throughout the map, and Cocoons which can earn you helpful Ability Factors, important for rising your Battle Energy. You will additionally wish to know the place Towers are for a similar motive. Area Mags can internet you and your group helpful buffs throughout a large space so that they’re important to hunt out as nicely. Lastly, Battledia Set off Portals provide fight challenges that may reward good objects for enhancing or augmenting gear. Right here we have a pleasant map you may cross-check in-game to see which of them you might be lacking.

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All Aelio Area Key Areas
All Retem Area Key Areas
All Kvaris Area Key Areas

Since these things are all clearly marked on the World Map and there are solely a pair per area (if any), it is simple sufficient to mix them right into a single picture right here. 

Tip: To examine what number of places you have present in a areaopen up the World Map from the principle menu, mouse over which area you wish to examine, and press Tab. This can allow you to see what number of Ryuker gadgets, Cocoons, and so on. you have present in that area (in addition to the variety of Crimson Merchandise Containers and Datapods).


PSO2: New Genesis – All Ryuker Machine Areas | Stia Area

Ryuker Gadgets are principally waypoints that enable for quick journey throughout the map. As soon as you have unlocked one, you can journey to it any time by merely choosing it on the World Map.


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Stia Outskirts

  • Grainne Coast – Close to the top of the bridge proper on the entrance to the area.

Stia Camp

  • Stia Camp – The primary Ryuker close to the realm’s campsite.

Dreisen Plant

  • Dreisen Plant 1 – Close to the doorway of the plant, on the higher lever.
  • Dreisen Plant 2 – On the west aspect of the plant, on the higher stage.

Mediola Outer Space 1

  • Felusa Ridge 2 – Simply to the northeast of the volcano’s peak.

Mediola Outer Space 2

  • Felusa Ridge 1 – South aspect of the realm, close to the beginning of the steps resulting in the highest of the volcano.
  • Alterra Base – Within the heart of the realm, close to the Quarterstaff Cocoon.

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Dext Base

  • Dext Base 1 – Close to the doorway to the bottom from Mediola Outer Space 2.
  • Dext Base 2 – On the east aspect of the bottom, close to the massive warehouse-like buildings.

Neusen Plant

  • Neusen Plant – There’s just one Ryuker down right here, within the south a part of the realm.

PSO2: New Genesis – All Cocoon Areas | Stia Area

Cocoons are going to be a serious supply of Ability Factors, wanted to unlock Class Expertise and enhance your Battle Energy. Most of them are very straightforward and with beneficiant cut-off dates. You will earn 1 Ability Level upon your first away from any Cocoon. You needn’t clear the Facet Missions for the Ability Level.You will want to finish all of those to complete the Facet Process Unexplored Trainia I. There are solely 3 cocoons within the Stia Area.


Dreisen Plant

Face The Darkness

  • Location – On the east aspect of Dreisen Plant, pretty excessive up.
  • Goal It is a battle goal to defeat Darkish Lemnas.

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Mediola Outer Space 1

Helical Line

  • Location – Simply west of heart of the volcano peak.
  • Goal – That is an impediment course the place you may should make your solution to the highest of a tower whereas avoiding obstacles and gathering Level Cubes.

Mediola Outer Space 2


  • Location – Simply west of Alterra Base.
  • Goal – It is a battle goal to defeat Engouku.

PSO2: New Genesis – All Tower Areas | Stia Area

Towers are principally tougher variations of Cocoons. You will earn a whopping 4 Ability Factors upon your first away from any Tower. Surprisingly sufficient, the Facet Missions are only for completion’s sake and do not have an effect on your Ability Level reward. Simply as within the earlier couple areas, there is just one Tower.


Stia Outskirts

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Damaged Works

  • Location – Situated on an island east of the Stia Outskirts.
  • Goal – You will should navigate by means of a number of rooms to collect level cubes earlier than ending in a struggle with the Darkish Magilz.

PSO2: New Genesis – All Area Magazine Areas | Stia Area

Area Mags are landmarks that may give boosts in trade for supplies. Every Area magazine has a ship-wide meter marked [All] that can give all gamers a lift to EXP Earned, Uncommon Drop Charge, or Assault Efficiency, relying on the Magazine within the area. There’s additionally a [Personal] Increase that can give gamers that feed the Magazine extra Uncommon Drop Charge % for as much as 2 hours at a time. As in earlier areas, there are three Area Mags in Stia, one for every kind of increase.


Stia Outskirts

  • Strobol Isle – On the small island west of the Stia Outskirts.

Dreisen Plan

  • Dreisen Plant – Within the southern a part of the plant, on the higher ledge.

Mediola Outer Space 2

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  • Alterra Base – Southern a part of the realm, south of Alterra Base.

PSO2: New Genesis – All Battledia Areas | Stia Area


Dreisen Plant

  • Yellow Portal: Stia – Within the very, very far east nook of Dreisen Plant.

Mediola Outer Space 1

  • Purple Portal: Stia- On a ledge simply south of the volcano’s peak.


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