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Octopath Traveler 2 – How To Unlock All Secodary Jobs And Secret Jobs

Unlocking secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler 2 offers you dozens of attainable class combos in battle, however there’s fairly a little bit of effort concerned. Not solely do it’s a must to monitor down the job guild location, however you even have to finish some–often fairly difficult–tasks to unlock licenses that permit characters equip that secondary job.

This information explains the place to search out all secondary jobs, and secret jobs, in Octopath Traveler 2 and tips on how to full the licenses necessities.

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Methods to unlock secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler 2

Octopath Traveler 2 handles initially unlocking secondary jobs in a way just like the unique, solely as a substitute of discovering sacred shrines related to every job’s deity, it’s essential to monitor down that job’s guild. The similarities finish there, although.

Discovering a job guild grants you one license for that job. You’ll be able to earn two extra for each job, however solely after finishing a set of challenges related to that class. Getting Hunter licenses, for instance, entails monitoring down uncommon, highly effective monsters, whereas the Thief guild makes you steal beneficial objects.

In contrast to within the first Octopath Traveler, a couple of character can equip the identical secondary job. Many of the guild duties contain visiting optionally available dungeons or late-game areas, so whilst you can ultimately have a complete social gathering of students or apothecaries, it’s not one thing you are able to do early within the sport.

Equipping a secondary job offers that character entry to all of that job’s expertise, together with their divine ability and assist expertise. Job expertise are tied to that job, however you possibly can equip any mixture of assist expertise that you simply’ve unlocked.

Secondary jobs don’t give entry to new path actions, although.

All Octopath Traveler 2 secondary job places

Most job guilds are situated in areas you journey to throughout a personality’s second chapter, with hazard ranges that vary between 18 and 36. You probably have at the least one robust character or an excellent healer, although, you possibly can slip into extra harmful places to discover a guild with out stepping into an excessive amount of bother.

Students guild location

The Scholar’s guild is in Western Winterbloom Snows, which you journey to in Throné’s second chapter. It’s a home on a hill north of the bridge. Be sure to verify below the bridge for the Scholar’s Altar, the place you possibly can unlock an unique ability for Osvald.

Methods to get Scholar licenses

This is among the uncommon cases the place you may get further licenses fairly shortly.

  • Gather 5 Historic Sentinel Cores – Historic Sentinels roam the manufacturing facility you go to in Partitio’s second chapter
  • Gather 5 Almighty Soulstone – Steal these off the elementals which you can encounter in Western Winterbloom Snows at evening or across the Deserted Village east of New Delsta

Dancers Guild location

The Dancers Guild is in Wellgrove, in a constructing on the japanese aspect of city.

Methods to get extra Dancers licenses

Getting extra Dancer licenses might sound complicated should you forgot a few of Octopath 2’s phrases. You want to have one character study the Dancer’s divine ability after which have a second character study it. Divine Expertise are a job’s particular expertise that solely unlock after a personality learns each different ability obtainable to that job. It takes a very long time and over 9,000 Job Factors.

Earning new licenses requires completing some very specific tasks.
Incomes new licenses requires finishing some very particular duties.

Retailers Guild location

The Service provider’s Guild is in Western Crackridge Wilds, extra particularly within the western a part of the area to the left of the cliff.

Methods to get Service provider licenses

The strategy for getting these is simple, however costly. You want to pay 100,000 Leaves for the primary one and a whopping 300,000 for the second. Be sure to steal, mug, or entreat high-value objects for a straightforward option to get more money.

Hunters Guild location

The Hunter’s Guild is in Western Tropu’hopu Traverse, east of the Beastling Village. Head north on the staircase resulting in a treasure chest, and also you’ll discover the out of doors guild tucked away to your left, behind some bushes.

Methods to get Hunter licenses

  • Acquire Quicksand Monster’s Liver – Defeat the boss on the finish of the Quicksand Gaol in Hineouma (hazard stage 30)
  • Acquire Sea Monster’s Whiske – Defeat the Scourge of the Seas boss within the whirlpool

Apothecaries Guild location

The Apothecary’s Guild is in Conning Creek, within the southern a part of the Harborlands. You may get there fairly shortly from street out of Canalbrine, although the hazard stage is a bit excessive.

Methods to get Apothecary licenses

You want to gather particular objects to earn extra Apothecary licenses.

  • Gather 5 Herb-of-Grace Buds – The Big Gator in Toto’haha Anchorage drops these
  • Gather 5 Primeval Horn Elixir – Satan Deer in Wellgrove and Home Wellows Manor drop these, however they’re fairly robust

Thieves Guild location

The Thieves Guild is within the industrial district of Clockbank on the finish of an alley. You’ll find yourself there throughout Partitio’s second chapter, however you possibly can solely enter the guild at evening.

Methods to get Thief licenses

The third Thief liencese will seemingly have to attend till close to the tip of the sport. Regardless of doing this for the Thieves Guild, you possibly can truly purchase the objects with Partitio or get them free of charge with Agnea’s Entreat motion.

  • Steal the Thieves’ Gem – A resident of Clockbank has this
  • Steal the Grasp Thief’s Sapphire Stone – The Grasp Thief lives in Timberain, which you gained’t go to untl close to the tip of the sport

Clerics Guild location

The Clerics Guild is in Borderfall, the world between Flamechurch and Montwise. You may get there fairly early, and the hazard stage is barely round 18.

Methods to get Cleric licenses

Getting the third Cleric license entails a tough technique of discovering a hidden boss.

  • Acquire the Excessive Priest’s Amulet – Defeat the boss within the Starfall Springs dungeon within the Leaflands

Methods to get the Excessive Priest’s Ebook of Scripture

The Ebook of Scripture can be a boss drop merchandise, however truly discovering the boss requires a really particular set of actions. The boss lurks below a broken bridge within the Beneath the Wall dungeon in Stormhail Snows, and also you want eight folks to get there.

Since you possibly can solely ever have a celebration of 4, which means it’s essential to use Partitio’s rent motion, Agnea’s attract, Ochette’s befriend, and Temenos’ information to get 4 NPCs to comply with you. The bridge within the dungeon will disintegrate if you stroll over it, and you may problem the boss to get the guide.

Warriors Guild location

The Warriors Guild is in Sai, a city in Hinoeuma that you simply’ll go to throughout Castti’s second chapter. You may get there by touring west of Conning Creek.

Methods to get Warrior licenses

Getting new Warrior licenses follows the identical sample as getting Dancer licenses. You want one character to study the Warrior’s Divine Ability after which a second character to do the identical.

Octopath Traveler 2 secret jobs

Secret jobs work a bit differently and don't require extra licenses.
Secret jobs work a bit otherwise and do not require further licenses.

Like the primary sport, Octopath Traveler 2 additionally has 4 secret jobs you possibly can unlock at varied factors within the sport. These don’t require extra licenses, so anybody can equip the job as quickly as you unlock it. Some have very particular ability necessities, although, so even should you rush to unlock the Inventor early within the sport, you gained’t get entry to their full suite of talents till later.

Octopath Traveler 2 Inventor location

The Inventors guild is east of New Delsta in a wood home alongside the riverbank. Communicate to the guildmaster to unlock the job. You want to discover particular objects to unlock new expertise. Test the invention circumstances to see what objects you want.

The Inventor is a useful assist and assault class that may buff your allies, change flip order, and use assaults that take the type of any weapon. The draw back is that it’s a must to spend a flip constructing the contraption once more after you employ a capability, so utilizing this class takes cautious planning.

Octopath Traveler 2 Conjurer location

The Conjurer job doesn’t have a guild. As an alternative, you struggle a collection of boss battles in Ku, within the tower to the best of the citadel’s entrance. You’ll want to complete Hikari’s story to entry the tower.

Be sure to save lots of between every struggle to keep away from dropping any progress.

The ultimate boss takes two varieties with completely different weaknesses, and when you finish the struggle, you unlock the Conjurer job. This one requires Job Factors to unlock new expertise, however at a a lot increased charge than different jobs. Every ability prices 2,000 JP.

The Conjurer is a assist class whose largest boon is including elemental attributes to bodily assaults, serving to you exploit enemy weaknesses your social gathering may not be capable of goal in any other case.

Octopath Traveler 2 Arcanist location

Getting the Arcanist job takes a little bit of prep work. You want to purchase a ship, which you are able to do as a part of Partitio’s Scent of Commerce aspect quests. Head to the harbor in Tropu’hopu, east of the place you discovered the Hunters Guild, and buy a ship for 100,000 leaves.

Sail east to The Misplaced Isle, a stage 45 space the place you additionally should defeat the boss within the whirlpool. Land on the island, change the time to nighttime, and comply with the path of blue mild to the Arcanist.

Like with the Conjurer job, you employ Job Factors to unlock new Arcanist expertise.

The Arcanist is sort of a mixture of Cleric and Dancer. They’ll deal mild and darkish harm, buff allies, and unfold buffs to everybody within the social gathering. In case you solely unlock one secret job, let or not it’s this one.

Octopath Traveler 2 Armsmaster location

The Armsmaster guild is only a lone blacksmith in Gravell, the city within the far northeast of the Wildlands. Ambush the guard at evening to entry the home and unlock the job. The smith requires rusty weapons to unlock new Armsmaster expertise, and it’s a must to equip these refined weapons to make these expertise usable in battle.

The Armsmaster is an final model of the warrior. They’ve entry to all six weapon sorts, and their expertise range relying on the circumstances of battle.

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