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magic the gathering – Resolving Geier Attain Sanitarium with Notion Thief in Play

In a sport of commander, if I’ve each Geier Attain Sanitarium and Notion Thief in play then activate Geier Attain’s capacity, my assumption is that the simplified rationalization of the result can be: “I draw 4 playing cards, discard 1, and every of my opponents discard a card”, however I wish to perceive the order of actions higher.

The important thing factor I wish to perceive is, can I draw all 4 playing cards after which discard a card, or do I want to attract a card discard a card, then draw the extra three playing cards.

I do know that as a substitute have an effect on, Notion Thief’s capacity doesn’t use the stack, however what’s the order by which Geier Attain’s capacity resolves? If it requires precedence order, I assume that if I’m the lively participant I must draw 1, discard 1, then draw 3, but when I wait till the flip of the opponent who instantly follows me in flip order, can I draw 4 then discard 1? Or does the truth that I’m activating the flexibility imply precedence order at all times begins with me?



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