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Ludology: Ludology 243 – Play Blall!

Feb 7, 2021

Emma and Gil chat with Sam Rosenthal and Stephen Bell of The Sport Band, identified for his or her
weird cosmic horror sports activities sim Blaseball. We focus on the distinctive
suggestions loop between Blaseball’s followers and its creators, the
advantages of apophenia, and the way baseball was uniquely fitted to
this therapy at this second in historical past.


7m00s: The rating bug that Gil is
referring to is the graphic that seems overlaid on most sports activities
broadcast, displaying the sport’s rating and different very important stats. Gil additionally
refers to
exterior chest protectors
that baseball umpires used to put on,
an icon of baseball from many years previous.

7m59s: The
Blaseball wiki

10m00s: The music that Stephen refers to is literal fan-made
music. Fan canon says that the workforce the Seattle Garages are
truly a rock band compelled to play Blaseball. Followers have truly recorded and
launched these albums

19m05s: This is
Cat Manning’s glorious Blaseball primer
. It is a great way to
get a way of the lore of the sport.

22m11s: We chatted with recreation designer and broad receiver Adrienne
Smith in
Ludology 240 – Are You Receiving Me?

26m15s: Apophenia is the
tendency to make connections between disconnected issues. Sport
designers can use it to make significant experiences and memorable
tales, however different folks can use it for
very unhealthy issues

27m42s: Kayfabe is a wrestling
time period that denotes the acceptance of the fictionalization of staged
occasions. In different phrases, a wrestling announcer working in kayfabe
will deal with a match as if it’s a genuinely-contested sporting occasion
with an unsure consequence, not a scripted match during which all
contributors know the winner forward of time.

Kayfabe may be very a lot one other instance of a magic circle. You possibly can
hear Geoff Engelstein and Ryan Sturm focus on the magic circle with
recreation designer Eric Zimmerman in
Ludology 79 – The Magic Circle

29m34s: SIBR is the Society for
Web Blaseball Analysis
. Their title is a reference to SABR,
the Society for American Baseball
. (In real-world Main League Baseball, SABR is the
group that devised “sabermetrics,” the superior statistics
that powered the Moneyball

SIBR has written a number of tutorial papers
analyzing the results numerous features of Blaseball

32m54s: Taskmaster
continues to be one in every of Gil’s favourite exhibits.

35m44s: Uncharted is a collection
of video video games about uncovering historic mysteries across the
world, and killing a variety of unhealthy guys within the course of.

44m02s: Extra data on Twitch
Performs Pokémon
. Additionally, Our Place, a

48m17s: Extra data on the John Cage composition As Gradual As
(Gil misstated the title as “As Lengthy As Attainable”).
You possibly can watch a video of one of many observe modifications right here.

Additionally, Gil ought to have talked about the 10,000 12 months Clock, a Jeff
Bezos-funded clock that’s being constructed inside a Texas mountain that
can be designed to run 10,000 years with none human
intervention. This isn’t the form of scale people are used to
pondering in, which is what makes these initiatives so unusual and

53m04s: Welcome to
Evening Vale
is extremely beneficial for anybody intrigued by the
concept of comedian cosmic horror. For instance…

“The Metropolis Council proclaims the
opening of a brand new canine park on the nook of Earl and Sommerset close to
the Ralph’s.

They wish to remind everybody
that canines will not be allowed within the canine park. Individuals are not allowed
within the canine park. It’s doable you will note hooded figures within the
canine park. Don’t strategy them. Don’t strategy the canine park. The
fence is inspired and extremely harmful. Strive not to take a look at the
canine park, and particularly don’t search for any time frame on the
hooded figures. The canine park is not going to hurt you.”

55m51s: Baseball has a number of “unwritten guidelines” of decorum. One
of them is that bunting to interrupt up a no-hitter tends to be frowned
upon. It occurs each few years; in 2019,
a minor-league workforce broke up a mixed no-hitter within the ninth inning
with a bunt
, which resulted in a benches-clearing

1h00m42s: Right here is the Blaseball Discord

1h05m40s: Gil is referring to Marcel Duchamp’s readymade
sculpture Fountain
(though there are rumblings that the piece was
truly made by Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven
Afterwards, Gil refers back to the Star Trek: The Subsequent Era
Chain of Command
, during which a Cardassian tortures Jean-Luc
Picard by inflicting ache if Picard doesn’t declare he sees 5
lights when in actual fact there are solely 4 in entrance of him (which
itself is a reference from a scene in 1984).

1h06m57s: “The Commissioner Is Doing A Nice Job” is
a standard Blaseball meme
. The Espresso Cup was the latest
season of Blaseball earlier than this recording, which was a knockout
event of nontraditional Blaseball groups as a substitute of a
“conventional” season (no matter which means).

1h08m03s: Twitter hyperlinks: The Sport Band, Blaseball, Sam Rosenthal, and Stephen Bell. Right here is

1h10m16s: Guess which
blaseball workforce Gil follows



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