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How one can Make Issues Greater in Sims 4

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For those who’re a fan of The Sims 4, you already know that probably the greatest components of the sport is the flexibility to customise and construct your personal distinctive home. One of many methods you are able to do that is by resizing your items of furnishings. Whether or not you need to make a life-size dollhouse or perhaps a tiny hobbit dwelling, there are a lot of inventive methods to make your gameplay much more pleasurable by making on a regular basis objects greater or smaller. So, if you wish to create some enjoyable, inventive builds, learn on to discover ways to make issues greater in Sims 4.

How one can Make Objects Greater in The Sims 4

First, load up your save file, and choose the hammer icon on the highest proper bar to open Construct Mode. Throughout Construct Mode, you’ll be able to freely buy, rotate, and even resize objects in your home so long as they slot in your lot. To resize or make issues greater in The Sims 4, choose the item that you just need to edit, then press these keys or buttons:

  • On Home windows and Mac: Shift + ] to extend the item’s dimension, or Shift + [ to decrease it.
  • On Xbox One: LT + RT and the D-Pad at the same time. Press on the right to make the object larger and left to make it smaller.
  • On PS4: L2 + R2 and the D-Pad at the same time. Press on the right to make the object larger and left to make it smaller.

And there you go! That’s how you make objects bigger and smaller in The Sims 4. Feel free to rotate or place your object in your desired place afterward. Once you’re done, you just need to click the Live Mode icon on the top right bar to exit Build Mode. 

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Remember to save your file as well whenever you’re finished building! It’s so easy to get lost in the game when you’re decorating and playing with your Sims, so you’ll want to ensure your progress and hard work are not lost. While you’re here, it wouldn’t hurt to check out some of the best Sims 4 mods to add additional features and enhance your game experience.

– This article was updated on March 7th, 2023



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