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Hogwarts Legacy Appears Like It Was Purported to Have Quidditch

A Ravenclaw student, Madam Kogawa, and your character in Hogwarts Legacy

Screenshot: WB Video games / Kotaku

Simply exterior the principle fortress grounds in Hogwarts Legacy, the colourful and towering Quidditch stands sit on the horizon, beckoning. Should you hop in your broomstick, you possibly can soar up the pitch’s shorter partitions and down onto the sector itself, the impossibly inexperienced grass begging to be sullied by your footsteps. If you’d like, you possibly can recreate the scene the place Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy battle amongst its rafters from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and techniques, or you possibly can merely fly between its Home-colored stands, having fun with the whoosh of your broomstick.

You simply can’t play Quidditch.

No Quidditch for you

A screenshot from Hogwarts Legacy featuring the Quidditch cancellation announcement.

Screenshot: WB Video games / Kotaku

There are a number of issues with Hogwarts Legacy—its RPG parts rob it of a lot of its magic, it doubles down on J.Ok. Rowling’s anti-Semitic goblin characters whereas additionally giving the famously TERFy creator extra money, it desires you to kidnap animals below the guise of saving them, and it enables you to do a lot of murders with no repercussions. However one of the crucial weird elements of WB Video games’ controversial RPG is the shortage of Quidditch, the wildly standard in-universe sport performed on broomsticks. Why is there a whole Quidditch pitch, superior broomstick mechanics, improve choices to your broom, and NPC chatter in regards to the Quidditch season if there’s no Quidditch?

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For individuals who don’t know, a fast recap. Quidditch is a broomstick-based recreation invented for the Harry Potter universe that options seven gamers on every group competing towards one another to attain in one among three hooped targets of various heights. The Chasers and Keeper rating and defend the targets with the Quaffle, a big, volleyball-like ball, whereas two beaters will smack harmful balls referred to as Bludgers away from their teammates and in direction of enemy groups. There may be additionally a small, winged ball referred to as the Golden Snitch that the Seekers should seize to finish the sport—doing so will internet them 150 factors. The group with the very best factors on the finish of the match wins.

A few Harry Potter games have featured Quidditch before, to varying degrees of success. A couple movie tie-in games (which are famously polarizing and inconsistent in terms of quality) feature the sport, as do some Lego Harry Potter titles. There’s even a 2003 Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup game where you can compete for the House Cup with a roster based on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Akzaban, or go for the World Cup as one of the international teams. It’s widely considered a decent Quidditch game (though it only lets you play two of four positions), but as it’s been two decades since its debut, those who really want to throw Quaffles and beat the brakes off each other with sticks were holding out for Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy. They were sorely disappointed.

Bizarrely, Legacy adds a half-baked minigame that you can play in the shadows of the Quidditch pitch and time-trial races you can do on broom-back, both of which feel like little more than a sad concession, an old mint left on the leather check holder at a subpar Italian restaurant in Times Square. Sorry your chicken parmigiana was dry, here’s a candy we found between the plastic-covered sofa cushions at our nonna’s house.

The in-game lore provides a reason for Hogwarts Legacy not having Quidditch, but it feels like a last-minute addition stapled on to stop people with Deathly Hallows tats from rioting. Headmaster Phineus Nigellus Black, in his stuffy “welcome back to school speech” at the start of the game, announces, almost as an afterthought, that “due to the unfortunate injury on the pitch in last spring’s final, this year’s Quidditch season has been canceled.” Cue the groans of Hogwarts students and school Quidditch groups alike.

Hogwarts Legacy’s characters don’t let up on their disdain on the lack of Quidditch, both, as if the sport is attempting to inform you that, guys, this sucks for them, too. College students talk about Quidditch matches in backgrounds conversations, flying professor Madam Kogawa wonders if Black will reinstate the game, and a word discovered within the hospital wing suggests the injured participant isn’t all that injured. All of this additional set dressing makes the absence of Quidditch extra obvious—and in addition units the stage for what many gamers are suggesting is coming down the pipe: DLC.

The DLC dilemma

A screenshot of flying in Hogwarts Legacy.

Screenshot: WB Video games / Kotaku

Earlier than Hogwarts Legacy launched, WB Video games made it explicitly clear: there could be no Quidditch—it even says so within the recreation’s official FAQ. However rumors swirled, recreation information leaked, and the presence of each flying mechanics and Quidditch uniform cosmetics had gamers satisfied that Quidditch was coming. Now, with the sport out and the shortage of Quidditch readily obvious, gamers have pivoted to DLC within the hopes that the game will come if they simply cough over some additional bucks.

However, as IGN just lately reported, Hogwarts Legacy’s writer has flat-out stated there have been “no present plans for DLC” as just lately as February 17 of this 12 months, because the group is “actually heads down bringing [Hogwarts Legacy] to life.” Once I reached out to WB Video games for an opportunity to speak about Quidditch, I used to be instructed that the group shouldn’t be conducting interviews right now.

However Quidditch makes little sense when contemplating Hogwarts Legacy’s narrative—your character solely has to go to a single class in every topic, and except for the pressured cutscenes that discover you waking in your frequent room quarters, there’s no sense of the times passing the way in which they’d usually at Hogwarts College of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You may wander the halls at evening with out repercussion, fuck off and fly away into the Scottish highlands when it’s best to presumably be repotting a Mandrake, and rearrange your Room of Requirement for hours as an alternative of attending to know your new classmates. The enchanted hourglasses that maintain observe of home factors by no means appear to alter, even your professors simply say a flat “factors to Slytherin” with out providing any precise quantity. Quidditch, like real-life highschool sports activities, is part of the day-to-day lives of Hogwarts college students—however you don’t stay that type of life in Hogwarts Legacy.

Even when the group at WB decides so as to add Quidditch in some shock DLC, it wouldn’t make sense on this planet they’ve created. Positive, it might be enjoyable, particularly with the pretty good flying mechanics, however I can’t think about it will be well worth the appreciable effort the dev group must put into it. Contemplating how standard Hogwarts Legacy is, nevertheless (it’s dominating Twitch and offered over 12 million items in its first two weeks) it wouldn’t be a whole shock if WB Video games determined to take a seat down and milk that money cow some extra.



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