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GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Session 181, Brotherhood Complicated 4, Half I

Date: 3/5/2023

Ambassador Durinn, dwarf cleric (~265 factors)
Belmek Battlebeard, dwarf barbarian (~260 factors)
Desmond MacDougall, human wizard (~290 factors)
Kel Blackwall, half-elf scout (250 factors)
Sigur Hondguthann, human holy warrior (250 factors)

Desmond introduced some teen he met at church and introduced him alongside to journey with them. Kaylee, nonetheless out with a therapeutic damaged leg, despatched alongside her brother, Kel, a scout.

All of them hiked off to the valley the place the cultists have their complicated.

Kel checked for traps and located none, so that they headed in and previous the huge doorways.

The headed down the steps, checking for traps as they went, and moved with their scout within the lead. He appeared across the nook on the backside of the steps and noticed, within the fringes of some torchlight forward, a shield-toting cone-hatted cultist. He took cautious goal . . . and the cultists ducked across the nook. (Carrying your personal mild supply makes it unimaginable to sneak on targets wanting your manner, actually.)

The PCs rushed up as they heard somebody name out that they need to sound the alarm. The reached an intersection and bumped into an ambush by three cultists with crossbows – two left, one proper. Belmek blocked one from the appropriate however was hit from the left, and the bodkin level left a mark. Desmond put Missile Defend on Kel. Kel shot the cultists to the appropriate, wounding him, however then moved left.

Belmek rushed left, backed by Kel, who adopted whereas taking pictures. The 2 cultists dropped their crossbows and readied shields and swords. Belmek adopted them, hurling an axe, nevertheless it his foe’s half-ready protect. The 2 cultists fought Belmek and Kel, backed by Desmond and Durinn, and rapidly lower them down.

In the meantime, Sigur moved to the appropriate. His foe was fairly a methods down the hallway, so even at a full rush – Transfer 3 – it was taking some time to get to the cultist. His foe backed off slowly, after which finally took off, leaving Sigur behind.

They PCs dragged the our bodies off to the “barracks” and stripped them of coinage, crossbows, quarrels, quivers, and (low cost) swords. They moved on from there. Accompanied by a number of squabbling over which option to go and the way, they headed in direction of the place they had been ambushed final time. They finally reached a door and compelled it open, and located an empty small room. They rigorously searched and tapped the partitions however did not discover any secret doorways.

They discovered and compelled a second door open, and located the identical. Once more, a search discovered nothing. They famous that the cultists weren’t actually utilizing the complicated that totally.

They handed the final ambush space, and went by means of an open door to a bigger, roughly six-sided room. Within the heart of the ground was a 6′ x 3′ six-fingered hand print in black. They prevented that and compelled open a door to the appropriate . . . however then Sigur famous that doorways that opened simply most likely had been used extra usually. They discovered one of many different doorways was like that, and opened it. Somebody urged that the caught doorways had been most likely the best way to go – Sigur once more, I feel – as a result of these areas had been much less more likely to be looted. Durinn surmised that the complicated most likely had loot the cultists did not discover, and that may possible be behind caught doorways.

All that mentioned, they went by means of the easily-opened door. They moved alongside, mapping now, taking their time and forcing doorways as they discovered them. Quickly sufficient, although, they rushed ahead right into a hallway to a door . . . and took crossbow bolts from their left. Three cultists stood round on the fringes of a flickering circle of torchlight. Kel was narrowly missed by one bolt however two hit Sigur, inflicting a minor leg wound and a significant physique wound. He dropped, surprised and knocked down.

They rushed ahead, led by Belmek. Kel and Desmond enaged with arrows and ice daggers, respectively. In brief order, Belmek caught one of many cultists and lower him down. The others began to run. The occasion pursued, Belmek slowing because the cultists bought away as a result of he did not wish to go working off into the darkness alone. However then Kel caught up, and shot down the cultists one after the other. The primary was shot down pretty near the combat encounter. The second was run down a lot additional down a hallway.

They dragged the our bodies again and took their crossbows, quivers, quarrels, and cash. One had mail, although, so that they dragged him apart. They compelled open a close-by door, hoping to discover a place for Sigur to vary into the cultist’s superior go well with of armor. They discovered stairs down. Desmond declared stairs a foul place to vary, so that they moved into a brand new space and compelled one other door open. They discovered a small room with a door on the far finish. They simply stayed there for the ten minutes it took from somebody to strip the cultist, Sigur to take his armor off, after which mail himself up from head to toe. Nicely, nearly – he took the mail coif however did not put it on, sticking together with his segmented helmet, due to encumbrance. They left his outdated mixture of mail and leather-based (Guard’s armor from Delvers to Develop).

They headed downstairs. They made their manner round some corridors, poking on the lifeless finish they present in one, discovering nothing. Finally they reached a door and compelled it open.

Past it was a junk-filled room with bits of extra junk underfoot (I mentioned, consider an attic – all hexes Dangerous Footing.) In it had been a handful of hooded green-skinned humanoids with large crab claw left palms. Belmek threw his crowbar (and missed), fast-drew his axe, and ran in. (He did not understand he was shieldless – I am unsure why, since you may’t moderately pressure a door with a crowbar with a protect readied, not and not using a penalty he didn’t take.) Sigur adopted.

The hooded figures had been recognized rapidly by Sigur as demons – and Actually Evil! He moved to dam the door. Belmek, nonetheless, was rapidly surrounded and grappled. The Demon Grunts clamp down with their claw hand, maintain on, and grind away. It took only some moments for Belmek to be grappled by 3-4 of them and rendered helpless.

Sigur blocked the door, as Durinn put Safety from Evil 5 on him. He slashed at a demon and related with the neck, inflicting a large wound – which the demon largely ignored regardless of the splash of black-green ichor and torn flesh. It grappled at him and he defended. He slashed it one other time, however then two managed to grapple him in fast succession. He lower the hand off of 1 that did so, as Desmond put Defend 5 on him. Sigur slashed one other once more, with assist from Kel and Desmond (largely Kel – see under) and it POOOFED! away in a cloud of greenish, sulphurous smoke. However one other stepped up and critically hit him and grappled, rendering Sigur helpless.

Kel and Desmond supported from behind, every choosing a demon and attacking it. Desmond threw Acid Ball after Acid Ball, hoping to kill the demons or put on down their DR with corrosion assaults. Kel shot one other within the vitals time and again, or a minimum of the place vitals can be if it was a human (aka, -3 for a perhaps.) It did not appear bothered overly – they’d get damage however not attain to the accidents. So he switched from his Cornucopia arrows to slicing arrows he’d introduced alongside. They did not provoke any higher of a response, and his harm was inadequate to cripple an arm and his place behind Sigur made it unimaginable to focus on a grappling claw immediately.

Durinn put Safety from Evil 5 on Belmek, who was being floor aside by the claws, which helped significantly. He additionally solid Lend Vitality and Cease Bleeding on him, too, to maintain him up.

Sigur was helpless, so he determined to wish to the Good God to assist free him. He has a 7, and rolled an 8. Nope. In the meantime he was being badly mauled – his DR (4) plus his safety spell (5) provides as much as a pleasant 9 DR, however the enemy would typically exceeding that. He was making loss of life checks.

Durinn prayed a second later, asking for the Good God to free Sigur from the demons grappling him and in addition heal him if attainable. He had an 8 and rolled an 8. One of many demons – the one with probably the most CP – let go. The opposite held one.

However that was sufficient for Sigur to chop down one other demon, getting himself largely freed from grapples – just one is holding on for 9 or 10 CP. Durinn adopted with a Nice Therapeutic spell, absolutely therapeutic the horribly mauled Sigur to full HP.

We needed to cease there for time – there are six of those demon grunts left. One lacking a claw, one other badly damage, 4 extra with no accidents in any respect. The PCs determined they should gang up, however we did not have actual world time to resolve that.


– level totals can be approximate, now. Extra on that one other day.

– So Douglas Cole performed right now, remotely. He blogged about it. I am going to learn that after this posts. He matches in properly, however I knew we gamed properly collectively as a result of we have gamed collectively earlier than.

– We simply dominated it took 10 minutes to un-armor and re-armor. There aren’t any pointers useful for that in DFRPG, or elsewhere, actually. Fortunately Doug wears mail in actual life and mentioned that appeared cheap. I am fairly positive his man spent 2 character factors on the money for his armor after which promptly changed it with a foe’s armor. It helped as soon as in opposition to some bolts, although.

-Sigur had a troublesome time in some fights, working off the flawed manner with Transfer 3 which did not make it straightforward to get again into the fray. It is a dungeon which rewards mobility within the hallway fights. There are a number of hallway fights.

– Amusingly after the massive first combat, the alarm being raised, after which loud inter-player bickering as they moved alongside, somebody mentioned, “Let’s transfer quietly to this door.” Uhm, why?

– A VTT may be very helpful for lighting penalties. Since we go the lighting down, I have never needed to inform anybody to use darkness penalties for photographs. They simply do it. Earlier than? I may inform them each flip they usually usually overlook them by the following individual’s motion rolled round.

– Demon Grunts are a homebrew monster of mine based mostly on an outdated mini. They don’t seem to be intelligent or particularly versitile however they’re horrible foes in the event that they get you with their claws and set up a number of CP. Guess what? They did that. It is sort of ironic enjoyable to inflict piles of Management Factors on Doug’s character. It is also fascinating that the most typical option to cope with CP are Spasm spells, killing the grappler, or slicing off the limb or extremity grappling the individual. Attacking to cut back CP is a distant final place, solely barely forward of – perhaps tied with – simply hoping the opponent lets go. Attacking to interrupt free when already grappled, after which lowering CP, is not straightforward, except you place some actual effort into bettering your unarmed grappling ability . . . so I get it. Self-fulfilling prophecies are probably the most correct in my expertise.

– the combat will possible be rather less of a slog subsequent time, as they PCs have hit on the novel tactic of piling harm on these foes one opponent at a time as a substitute of making an attempt to work particular person targets down. Ought to work.

– Our change to Greater Function labored high quality. +3 per die made Sigur rather more efficient.

– MVP was Ambassador Durinn for his therapeutic spells and Safety from Evil spells.



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