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GTA San Andreas Secret, Ideas and Methods » Real Gaming World

GTA San Andreas nonetheless being top-of-the-line PC open-world video games. Nonetheless, in 2020, GTA San Andreas (Known as GTA SA) stands first in GTA video games for laptop. Despite the fact that it was launched in 2004, nonetheless most individuals nonetheless play it. Everybody is aware of, GTA San Andreas was the most effective recreation of its time. Though, The graphics of the sport is like the sport of its time. However the GTA SA remains to be enjoyable to play. Additionally, GTA San Andreas was the primary recreation by Rockstar recreation that incorporates a black man as a Protagonist.

GTA San Andreas noticed main modifications within the recreation and takes the gaming world on a brand new journey. Not like earlier GTA video games, GTA SA noticed main upgrades. New bikes, new autos, new bicycles, and lots of extra new issues had been launched. New Airports, new bikes, new movement blur impact for the quick autos. Additionally, GTA SA was the primary recreation to characteristic driving planes. From big jumbo jet to the stunt aircraft. New weapons, tons of autos, and many extra options had been launched which makes this recreation probably the most liked GTA Sport for laptop.

Hello, I discovered one good tip for breaking and getting into. At first write within the cheat OFVIAC, then get within the Black Boxville automotive and you’ll steal the whole lot for so long as you need 🙂 

Police star

When you’ve gotten one police star and you’ve got a weapon in your fingers (apart from a fist, a knife, a nightstick, a baseball bat, a shovel …) police can be capturing at you, however whenever you change to a fist (or another named within the above bracket), police will put away their weapons and take out their nightsticks. Fairly humorous, isn’t it? 🙂

Indestructible Sentinel

The mission – Intensive Care

While you steal an ambulance with John, two Sentinels begin to seek for you. It’s sufficient simply to get out onto some flat space the place they will’t get after which choose off the drivers over the windshield. Once they fall out, the doorways should stay open, in any other case, you possibly can’t get into the automotive. Then park the automotive in your storage, get the ambulance, and end the mission.

Your personal photograph

Do you wish to have a photograph of your character? Discover some gangsters and a digital camera (have in your hand) then go in entrance of the gangsters and press TAB, then stand anyplace and have your photograph taken. 

Uncommon coaching

Hey, we found you can shoot at flying geese in GTA San Andreas and, by doing so, you enhance a degree of weapon management.

Tremendous bounce

In Los Santos, or I assume in Mulholland that’s, in response to map of tags tag, quantity 13, there’s a damaged piece of a brick fence. You possibly can bounce round this space and when you’ve gotten excessive pace, you’ll get a bonus for this loopy motion and also you’ll be capable to fly as by no means earlier than.

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Timber close to Candy

While you climb into Candy’s home (there’s a Tec-9), then go as for those who needed to go to the basketball objective (you will need to go over a dwarf wall), flip CJ in direction of the tree, and bounce. CJ will seize the tree and may climb up it…

Couple of suggestions

A) You don’t change to all-wheel drive by house bar in a MONSTER truck however to all-wheel steering. (AWS – All Wheel Steering)
B) A metropolis bus (BUS) modifications into a traditional bus in look.
C) You possibly can transfer to a prime platform utilizing keys NUM2 and NUM8 in a PACKER truck

Handbrake by Hydra

I’ve discovered an fascinating recreation bug: whenever you let the Hydra touchdown gear draw out, and also you fly in opposition to the bottom and press and maintain ENTER (for getting out of a car) only a bit earlier than the bottom, the hydra will decelerate on minimal (as a bullet time) and it received’t crash into the bottom at full pace. KA-BOOM!!!! –> the touchdown gear should be drawn out (out of the aircraft); in any other case, CJ will bounce from the aircraft.

Mix Harvester

Sadly, farmers lock their combines. Due to this fact take your automotive and go right into a discipline. Cease in entrance of a mix – it’ll cease too. Get out of the automotive and shoot the farmer within the head with a traditional gun. If you’re too low, climb onto the automotive roof. The farmer will fall out and the mix is yours. LOOK OUT: The save is time-limited for when farmers work (drive). I attempted it at midnight, nothing was there and all of the combines had been locked. I attempted to shoot with one thing else, nevertheless it didn’t work. Even when the farmer fell out, the mix didn’t open. While you drive too quick, the mix normally go over folks, nevertheless it doesn’t kill them!!!

Stats bar gta sa

A few of you don’t know, the place the times within the week are, so right here it’s. Press TAB to point out CJ statistics.  Within the nook might be seen the abbreviation TUE which is a shorter model of the English TUESDAY. There might be additionally MON (MONDAY) and so forth and simulates days in GTA San Andreas.

Enter an airport

Tip for an airport. For those who don’t have any pilot licenses and so they received’t allow you to in, steal a police automotive and change on a siren and the doorways will open.

The gang in a bus

When you’ve gotten the utmost respect degree, choose seven associates of yours and get on a bus and take a look at how they get it. Cool, isn’t it?

Robbing Uncle Sam

While you nonetheless have issues with the Robbing Uncle Sam mission by Ryder (you might be imagined to take away packing containers from a automotive by pushcart), you are able to do it this fashion too:
While you arrive in entrance of the gate, recover from the fence and kill three troopers outdoor, however watch out, don’t shoot on the door open!! Then shoot the 2 within the storeroom, take the pushcart and get the 5 packing containers on the fringe of the storeroom entry, the sixth one placed on the pushcart and put together it. Then shoot into the open door and provides him the packing containers, get within the automotive, and drive off on the designated place.

Beat the Cock

It’s doable to absolve the primary a part of swimming with the jetpack and get fairly a giant edge within the “BEAT THE COCK” mission. I discovered it by coincidence once I was flying with a jetpack across the surroundings and I made a decision to participate within the race. I took off the jetpack and when the race began the jetpack was nonetheless there. So I took it and flew. It’s more likely to do the identical with the motorboat, however I didn’t attempt it. 

In Beat the Cock, it’s doable to play the final a part of the race with the jetpack (that one, when you must run) And the second factor I wish to let you know is that whenever you win, you’ll get solely 20 000 {dollars}, so I feel it doesn’t repay, it’s higher to enter a betting workplace.

Enter the airport

gta sa Airport

Come to a gate and run together with it. You should run so that you just rub in opposition to it, till you hear the sound of a shaking fence, then get into your automotive and now you possibly can simply go in.

Mike Torreno mission

You don’t should drive off in a rush after rescuing the man within the Mike Torreno mission. I flew off in a chopper and landed in entrance of a cantina. However the issue is to discover a automotive, and when you’ve gotten it, you don’t should make the 2 folks get in, you possibly can simply go to a Pay ‘N’ Spray after which choose them up.


There’s a home with a storage in Dillimore, you can purchase. While you get your automotive into the storage and also you look from outdoors into the storage (the storage should be closed), your automotive received’t be there. However whenever you open the storage then, your automotive remains to be there. ´


Use your Jetpack to get to port docks. There needs to be a steaming chimney. Fly to the highest of the chimney and stand on in. What’s going to it do? Nothing. You’ll be standing on a chimney.

Bike tip

When someone falls from a motorcycle and also you wish to sit on it, the next conditions can occur:
1. You’ll sit on the primary one, and he’ll knock you down and walk-off
2. He’ll sit and you’ll knock him down and you’ll stroll off
3. While you sit on the identical time, you’ll be a driver and the proprietor is your passenger. You possibly can drive him everytime you need and whenever you get out, he’ll do the identical. Then he takes his bike again and drives off.

Widespread gang photograph

I’ve came upon a tip. When you’ve gotten no less than one individual in your gang, stroll to him and press TAB, a entrance view can be displayed. Now you will need to simply select the precise angle and once more press TAB and the photograph is prepared. (I’m unsure if you must have a digital camera).

Ideas for weapons round CJ’s

I’ve a tip for locating Tec, Uzi, and jackets round CJ’s residence. Tec is on Candy’s roof. To get it, you climb the wall behind your own home, bounce onto your roof and you’ll see it from there. The Uzi is below the bridge which ends up in the new ring and the jacket is immediately below the subsequent one.

Prime Capturing video games for laptop

The way to get NEWS CHOPPER

Go to the airport in Las Venturas, there’s a hangar subsequent to the primary gate, the place you will get property from planes and choppers. Select Whirly Fowl Waypoint (proper right here you’re taking this chopper) and after beginning the hunt, take your haul into your hangar at your airport in Verdant Meadows. Land and park the aircraft quick and runoff. If the hangar door manages to shut, earlier than the time restrict to return again right into a car is out, you’ve gotten received.

Backyard multifunction mower:

There are a number of of them parked within the gardens of wealthy areas of Los Santos – to be precise within the Mulholland space. One is, as an example, to the east of your savepoint (northeast from Madd Dogg’s villas).

Indestructible autos:

The one autos which might be largely not possible to destroy (solely by explosion, turnover, and many others.) are bikes – as an example, the traditional bicycle, mountain bike, or BMX.

The way to safely get right into a police station

Simply change your weapon earlier than getting into the constructing right into a fist or nightstick is sufficient.

The way to turn out to be a millionaire

100 tens of millions {dollars} in your account with out dishonest? That is in all probability one of the best ways to earn a extremely massive sum of money – however at first, you must do no less than one mission for Catalina (see a walkthrough). Then save the place close to her cottage (location Fern Ridge) and stroll to an in depth village, Montgomery. Discover the native horse racing workplace Inside Monitor (on the image) and go in.

gta sa

Go to considered one of two automats by the wall and select a horse, which you wish to guess on and guess, if it’s doable, the best sum of money, you’ve gotten (it would repay!). Now simply watch the race and when your horse wins, you’ll get your guess cash and plus the additional bonus (once I guess about 4 million, I received furthermore 46 000 000).

However you aren’t all the time a winner and for those who don’t choose the successful horse (that is extra probably a query of luck), you possibly can typically lose your cash. On this case, simply load an older savegame and get again to the workplace. Strive once more and, in case of a win, go save your recreation again on the cottage.

Throughout one hour of real-time, you possibly can simply earn over 100 000 000 {dollars}.

Tremendous acceleration (just for motorbikes).

You possibly can pace up your machine to double its most pace and the way? Simply press on a key for the record to up the pace throughout your drive. That is just for motorbikes.

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Location of some issues:

In GTA San Andreas yow will discover some helpful weapons and issues, nevertheless, when on the lookout for them you possibly can have hassle.
For instance, yow will discover an AK’47, a sniper gun, and a bi-plane with the members of the black garments gang in Chinatown in San Fierro.
A digital camera and spray are in CJ’s bed room at his home.
A fireplace extinguisher is in each Burger fast-food and a parachute on the best mountain of SA, Mount Chiliad…

Quick weapon reload:

In GTA San Andreas, if you end up in a shootout and there isn’t anywhere to cover and cargo your weapon, don’t fear. You possibly can resolve it out by a easy trick – simply change to a different weapon (something, like a fist) after which change again rapidly; you should have a full clip with out loading for a very long time. It’s good throughout assaults of extra rivals whenever you don’t have time to attend (for enemy bullets).

Easter Eggs

Let’s proceed the custom of GTA Easter Eggs by the second, which could be discovered within the new recreation San Andreas (GTA SA). You possibly can see it this fashion: Go to the bridge connecting San Fierro and Las Venturas. Get to its prime and there you possibly can see this signal:

“There are not any Easter Eggs up right here. Go away.”

Go to the Cluckin’ Bell restaurant. Soar over the bar and switch again. You’ll discover this signal on the again of a server. “Style the Cock”.

Rewards in GTA San Andreas:

– vigilante degree 12 – a vest can be elevated at 150%
– hearth missions degree 12 – CJ will turn out to be fireproof
– 50 taxi folks – in all taxi can be NITRO
– the well being can be elevated by 150% in order that you’ll eat effectively and do workouts

100 tags, AK-47, Tec-9, Sawn-off Shotgun, and Molotov Cocktails can be in your mom’s home.
50 images taken, Uzi, grenades, shotgun, and rifle can be in entrance of the Doherty storage in San Fierro.
50 horseshoes, M4, MP5, SPAS-12 shotgun, and Explosive substances can be in entrance of the 4 Dragons on line casino.
For 50 shells, your Intercourse-appeal and lung capability will improve.

The way to get bonus autos in GTA San Andreas

Jet Pack

– perform all missions on the aircraft cemetery BF Injection

BF Injection

– win Soiled Ring in Las Venturas

Bloodring Ranger

– stand 1 minute within the Bloodring in San Fierro


– choose up no less than 25 checkpoints in Soiled Ring in Las Venturas

Hotring Racer

– the primary place in all “8-Monitor” in Los Santos

Tremendous GT

– all bronze medals within the driving college in San Fierro


– all silver medals within the driving college in SF

Scorching Knife

– all gold medals within the moto-school in Las Venturas


– all bronze medals within the moto-school in Las Venturas

NTR 900

– all silver medals within the moto-school in Las Venturas

NRG 500

– all gold medals within the moto-school in Las Venturas


– all bronze medals within the naval college


– all silver medals within the naval college

Jet Max

– all gold medals within the naval college


– all bronze medals within the flying college

Acrobatic aircraft

– all silver medals within the flying college


– all gold medals within the flying college


– end the mission “Vertical Fowl” and it’s yours


– after recreation ending at 100% or on a navy foundation.


Figuring out

In GTA San Anreas, for those who spend plenty of time going jogging and figuring out with dumbbells. Your physique can be enhancing and your muscle mass will get stronger. You’ll look good and have energy; so you possibly can simply turn out to be a pacesetter of any of the gangs.




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