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grid deduction – How do I transcribe a Masyu right into a Google Sheets?

I acquired some PDF puzzle books for Christmas and have been fixing them in a Google Sheets. The essential instruments of borders, background colours, and getting into numbers work for many genres (Nurikabe, Tapa, Statue Park, Slitherlink, Sudoku…), however the subsequent set of puzzles are Masyus. Right here is Wikipedia’s instance:

example puzzle

example solution

I do not know the way to signify this in Google Sheets. The circles I can do high-quality; I am going to copy over some Unicode characters. However how do I draw the loop? It isn’t alongside the sting of cells as in Slitherlink, which is a loop style I do high-quality in Sheets. Observe that the loop will even must enter cells with characters in them, which would not be a fear in, say, Yajilin.

The Sheets side is fairly non-negotiable except it is utterly not possible. I wish to have all my options neatly organized collectively on the spreadsheet, I wish to remedy when I haven’t got web, I can not do Excel since 1) I do know it poorly and a pair of) I am going to lose my Workplace in few years once I graduate, and fixing within the authentic PDF is not an possibility since I detest fixing puzzles in picture editors. That principally leaves Sheets. I might recognize if solutions took utilizing Google Sheets as a right and shunned recommending different instruments.

How do I transcribe a Masyu right into a Google Sheets, ideally as merely as attainable?



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