On the lookout for title of solitaire sport my mother taught me within the 70’s.

  • I believe it was 2 decks.

  • Deal playing cards in a grid kind, possibly 5×5 unsure of dimension:

    1. First card face up, relaxation down,
    2. repeat with 2nd card up, relaxation down,
    3. third card face up, relaxation down, and many others till all playing cards are dealt into these piles in grid,
  • uncertain of a stockpile.

  • Object is to place playing cards aces up and kings down 8 areas at high. You
    put the face up playing cards in grid up high so as then flip over subsequent
    card. You win when all playing cards are put up high and faraway from grid.

  • Carpet sport is analogous besides only one card in every pile on grid. I’m
    positive the every of piles have multiple card aside from first card.

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