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#Dungeon23 Tumíssan Underworld Progress Report 2

Day 24 of this #Dungeon23 undertaking is completed. Right here we discover extra of the Tumíssan Underworld below the docks and piers of the ferries on lake Nettu Tlakan and the Nice Market Plaza behind them. This submit particulars rooms 11 via 24 of this portion of the underworld.

1-11 Guard Publish
A bored clerk and three guards from the archives at 12 maintain individuals from wandering in to the archives from the south. Whereas cautious, they don’t seem to be instantly hostile, explaining that that is an entry to the archives basement and is off limits to vacationers and sewer-wanderers.

1-12 Archives Basement
These archives are beneath a small pyramidal shrine to Tyélu, “She Who Guides”, a side of Thúmis. These archives largely cope with transport and transportation manifests and the commerce (and villages and different stops) alongside the Turína River. A lot of this materials is historic and definitely of curiosity to these trying to find misplaced buying and selling posts and outdated ghost cities. The doorways to the west are locked and barred and the quick passage is used as a mix of guard submit and small workplace for the lieutenant in command of the archive guards.

1-13 Dais
Arched ceilings and flame motifs on the partitions point out this was a part of the temple of The stonework of this raised part of the ground has been stained a deep crimson color over the orange sandstone. 4 depressions on the perimeters as soon as held idols or different ritual units of Dumúggash, the Spirit of Battle, a side of Vimúhla. The homeless often keep right here when in battle with the others in space 10, or when there are extra dwelling down right here than regular, however keep away from going any deeper into this portion of the underworld.

1-14 Previous Archives
The cabinets in these outdated archives are scorched and coated in ash, as is way of the ground. When the temple of Dumúggash moved away from the lake aspect (to make method for the Nice Market Plaza within the final Ditlana) they burned no matter data they didn’t take with them. An enterprising thief hid some newer stolen scrolls amid the ashes just lately, and combined some contact poison in with the ashes that they piled atop the scrolls.

1-15 Previous Dumúggash Temple Catacombs
These passages are abused, with most of the mosaics dismantled and plenty of niches emptied of their idols and statuary. This was the basement of the temple of Dumúggash earlier than it was amalgamated into the compound of thirteenth Imperial Crossbowmen, The Legion of the Citadel of Glory. Parts are collapsed and the complicated might have been far more in depth. Often the archives guards will patrol this space to observe for individuals and issues arising from different parts of the underworld.

1-16 Side of Pa’làkh
This small shrine has a statue of a mighty armoured and masked warrior with a scythe-like sword and bolt of fireside. A sacrifice of the armour of an adventurer slain in fight with the best prayers has a 2% probability per degree of the priest of granting that slain adventurer’s major weapon (if additionally introduced on the shrine) a magical +1 bonus to hit and harm.

1-17 Side of Pùrukasái
This shrine’s statue is of an armoured warrior with a head of flames. The realm across the statue is scorched as if a fiery explosion (or a number of) had centred on the shrine. It stays undisturbed as a result of nobody desires to set off that exact lure once more (the lure entails a pressurized spray of oil, however the reservoir is totally empty now).

1-18 Side of Menuméng
This small altar is at all times scorching to the contact and is scorching sufficient to slow-cook foodstuffs however little extra.

1-19 Side of Jnéksha’a
Sacrifices to this demonic statue have an opportunity to provide a small, flawed, flame-gem. This opportunity is a share equal to the sq. root of the worth of the sacrifice and may be tried as soon as per week. A mad demon-worshipper from the thirteenth legion sneaks down right here a minimum of as soon as a month to sacrifice every little thing he’s gathered since their final sacrifice…

1-20 Side of Mrúgga
This dragon-like statue may be turned 45 levels after which lifted from the plinth under to disclose six incendiary units (clay jars with the principle part stuffed with oil and a smaller part with a small piece of phosporous that ignites when the jar is damaged). These are very outdated and the clay is brittle making them prone to break if dealt with roughly.

1-21 Side of Dikkómtla
This small altar has the stays of three damaged tridents upon it. One has a black discoloration on the factors and stays lethal toxic to this present day.

1-22 Temple Stairs
This secret stairwell as soon as lead as much as the temple of Dumúggash above (way back sealed off) and leads right down to the catacombs under. Dlaqó carrion-beetles crawl concerning the just lately slain our bodies of two Ahoggyá adventurers. One carries an Eye of Crashing Waves (casts the water model of the Partitions spell) with 3 costs remaining.

1-23 Staring Idols
This arched room has two 4 foot tall idols of flame-clad warriors staring one another down from throughout the room. The ground is scorched in a line between them the place somebody poured and lit lamp oil. They haven’t any precise results or magic, however any actual time spent investigating or avoiding them will alert the Mrùr in 24.

1-24 Descent
1d6 Mrùr (easy undead guardians) wait patiently right here for many who would descend additional. They may disguise simply across the bend within the stairs, hoping that the quartz figurine of Dikkómtla will distract adventurers sufficient to seize them abruptly.



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