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December Ship Destruction in EVE On-line

The EVE On-line Month-to-month Financial Report features a information dump of all of the ships destroyed in that month, which is normally a knowledge set I’m too lazy to begin digging by.  I are usually glad with the ISK totals, which ran between 36.92 trillion and 38.8 trillion ISK in December, relying on which numbers you tally up.

EVE On-line nerds tougher

I might work up the formulation in Excel if I put my thoughts to it.  COUNTIF is my good friend.  However I usually don’t care sufficient.  However this month I used to be enjoying round with Tableau, a knowledge evaluation instrument, for work and puzzled if it will type issues out for me… take that csv file and manage some good summaries.  And, certain sufficient, it did.  I wanted to poke at it for about quarter-hour to determine what I used to be doing, however I managed to get it to cough up some information.

So I assumed I’d begin with one thing simple.  What number of ships and constructions have been destroyed in December?

415,796.  That’s the whole quantity.

After all, 112,341 of these have been capsules, which hardly rely.  I imply, certain, a few of them are costly, stuffed with implants and such.  However most are simply the traditional, 10K ISK a pop default items.

I stay glad that CCP removed capsule upgrades.

Likewise, there have been 23,822 corvette losses, most of which have been freebies and hardly price accounting for.

In order that leaves 279,633 ships, deployables, or constructions that have been blown up.

The highest 20 destroyed, leaving out capsules and corvettes, have been:

Frigate               71,295 25.50%
Cruiser               35,162 12.57%
Destroyer             32,535 11.63% 
Shuttle               15,881  5.68%
Fight Battlecruiser  13,212  4.72%
Cell Tractor Unit   10,047  3.59%
Heavy Assault Cruiser 10,020  3.58%
Battleship             7,765  2.78%
Hauler                 7,749  2.77%
Interdictor            7,600  2.72%
Interceptor            6,638  2.37%
Assault Frigate        5,296  1.89%
Tactical Destroyer     4,261  1.52%
Mining Barge           4,092  1.46%
Strategic Cruiser      4,067  1.45%
Stealth Bomber         3,907  1.40%
Covert Ops             3,749  1.34%
Cell Warp Disruptor  3,505  1.25%
Marauder               3,262  1.17%
Expedition Frigate     3,176  1.14%

These whole as much as 253,219 ships or deployables blown up, or 91% of the entire for December.

Greater than 1 / 4 have been frigates, which is not any shock I’m certain.  Cruisers and destroyers add as much as near that quantity as effectively.  Down a pair extra are cellular tractor items, beloved of ratters and mission runners, little deployables that haul in and loot all of the wrecks within the web site you’re operating.  There are gamers who simply goal these.  I did a little bit of MTU looking again within the day myself.

My MTU gathering wrecks in a forsaken hub

I suppose the one shock within the prime 20 is marauders.  These are costly, however being T2 battleships, with T2 supplies depressed, I suppose they’re that rather more costly than their T1 brethren anymore.

As for particular person hull sorts misplaced, the highest ten have been:

Enterprise              11,277 4.03%
Cell Tractor Unit   9,624 3.44%
Heron                 8,464 3.03%
Caracal               6,138 2.20%
Caldari Shuttle       5,232 1.87%
Ishtar                5,217 1.87%
Thrasher              4,813 1.72%
Stabber               4,387 1.57%
Tristan               4,271 1.53%
Vexor                 4,064 1.45%

Ventures are mining frigates, so rely in that 71K frigate losses above.  However 1 in 7 of these have been a Enterprise.

Relating to capital ships, these have been the losses in December:

Dreadnought             351 
Freighter               156 
Service                 143 
Pressure Auxiliary          88 
Capital Industrial Ship  67 
Leap Freighter           26 
Supercarrier             20 
Titan                     6

That may be a few dreadnoughts.  Not precisely battle time numbers in any other case, however there wasn’t a lot in the best way of wars happening for many of December.

For constructions the numbers have been:

Customs Workplace      926
Athanor             272
Astrahus            193
Raitaru             106
Ansiblex Leap Gate   46
Fortizar             29
Tatara                9
Tenebrex Cyno Jammer  6
'Marginis' Fortizar   1
'Horizon' Fortizar    1

I went to the person named record for these.  A few unreplaceable legacy station Fortizars on that record.

Then I used to be form of all for the place issues have been being blown up.  We get the regional abstract within the MER, however which programs have been probably the most harmful in December?  Listed below are the highest 20 for whole hull losses.

Jita         10,597 
Deepari       8,615 
Tama          6,758 
Aldranette    6,435 
Ahbazon       5,512 
Kourmonen     5,302 
Miroitem      4,868 
4-HWWF        4,607 
Sujarento     4,371 
Nagamanen     4,184 
F-NMX6        3,987 
Oicx          3,863 
Huola         3,661 
J111011       3,272 
Aunenen       3,251 
Hasmijaala    3,244 
Kamela        3,168 
H-PA29        3,104 
Uitra         2,792

I assume Jita is not any shock.  Extra folks dangle on the market than another system, and extra folks imply extra kills.  It is usually the place battle dec kill crews hang around, ready for unwary battle targets to undock.

However hull losses usually are not the one measure, so I pulled out the highest 20 system primarily based on worth destroyed.

Jita             655,792,417,291 
Tama             299,788,005,609 
H-PA29           261,607,799,598 
Ahbazon          260,759,437,592 
1DQ1-A           229,569,075,143 
4-HWWF           218,299,175,054 
Miroitem         203,325,454,675 
TA3T-3           198,160,439,834 
F-NMX6           188,624,728,769 
Kourmonen        153,194,897,181 
Aunenen          149,169,376,918 
Aldranette       145,006,331,232 
J111011          143,186,537,391 
Sivala           137,777,830,149 
Kinakka          135,049,636,379 
J125101          131,145,192,638 
Egmar            126,026,434,303 
F7C-H0           111,313,563,703 
Misaba           111,206,036,052 
MJ-5F9           108,637,603,996

Jita remained on prime, however H-PA29 rose up the ranks.  I used to be there for that battle again in December.  And coming to 1DQ1-A in Delve is a hazard it appears.

The entire of destruction in that information set solely provides as much as 26.55 trillion ISK, so as soon as once more the numbers within the MER information don’t match up.  However it’s the solely information we’re going to get I suppose.

Anyway, that saved me amused final night time, so I assumed I’d make a weblog put up about it.  In case you are within the information you’ll be able to, after all, discover all of it within the obtain information bundle for the MER.  However I exported the discreet information units I referenced above into comma separated textual content recordsdata (.txt extension, as a result of doesn’t like .csv recordsdata), so if you need a better look into that you could find them linked beneath.

Addendum – I needed to transfer these recordsdata to pastebin as a result of was solely letting folks entry them in the event that they have been logged into the area.



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