I got here again from my run the opposite day and located this word left on my kitchen desk. It was a terrifying expertise after I realized it was from the masked psychopath Michael Myers himself. I actually do not perceive what it says; hopefully you possibly can assist me earlier than my time is up!

  1. afwpjhs ovyyvy tvcpl aptl + mlthsl ovyzl

  2. zvtlaopun pujhyuhal

  3. aol mvn dhz kluzl, huk pa dhz khyr; hz aol upnoa whzzlk if, ivul iylhrpun ovdsz iyvrl aoyvbno aol ayllz; aopz zlaapun dhz? l3?

  4. aophdy

  5. nylha ovyu, ihyu, zuvdf, ihyylk, ibyyvdpun, lsm

  6. thkl myvt h tlahs myhtl dpao zlclyhs zpklz (bzbhssf mvby, iba bw av lpnoa), > jvttvusf dpao h ovvr vy ovvw vm tlahs vu avw

  7. oaawz://p.zahjr.ptnby.jvt/2cuDb.qwn

  8. Tlayvthu pz ihjr myvt aol klhk!

  9. Lkkpl Tbywof hz Qpt Lclyz

  10. WZL?73479

  11. tvauhow

  12. tpeabyl, iyld, lspepy, dpajolz

  13. oaawz://p.zahjr.ptnby.jvt/nQqTQ.qwn

  14. 484M574J

$$-mathfrak{Michael Myers}$$

What’s Michael making an attempt to inform me?




In case you

Do rot 19 on the textual content you get


1. typical horror film time + feminine horse
2. one thing incarnate
3. the fog was dense, and it was darkish; because the night time handed by, bone breaking howls broke by the bushes; this setting was? e3?
4. thiawr (anagram of wraith(synonymy of ghost))
5. nice horn, barn, snowy, barred, burrowing, elf
6. constituted of a steel body with a number of sides (normally 4, however as much as eight), > generally with a hook or hoop of steel on high
8. Metroman is again from the useless!
9. Eddie Murphy as Jim Evers
10. PSE?73479(may very well be this)
11. motnahp(anagram of phantom)
12. combination, brew, elixir, witches
13. https://i.stack.imgur.com/gJjMJ.jpg
14. 484F574C


These items appear to be hinting at scary Halloween issues, so possibly every trace has to do with a film?


1. Evening + Mare
2. Enchanted
3. Errie
4. wraith
5. Owl
6. Lantern
7. Lights
8. “Are you a ghost?” is a quote type Megamind the film
9. Haunted Masion
10. Y for you
11. Phantom
12. Potion
13. Afraid
14. Howl (as a result of T Dude used ascii!)

If the acrostic is corrected then

It spell “Joyful Halloween” backwards.

And an awesome thanks for some assist from T Dude!