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Carlsen Overcomes Caruana, Spearheads Day of 4 Victories

GM Magnus Carlsen defeated his longtime rival GM Fabiano Caruana in spherical eight of the 2023 Tata Metal Chess Match, inching up the scoreboard, again on plus-one along with his third victory. GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov maintained his full-point lead with a draw vs. GM Levon Aronian. GMs Richard Rapport, Jorden van Foreest, and Gukesh D. earned their first victories of the occasion.

Within the Challengers group, GM Alexander Donchenko continues to steer. GMs Mustafa Yilmaz and Velimir Ivic every received to chase Donchenko from half some extent. 

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The 18-year-old event chief, Abdusattorov, confronted the fourth-highest-rated participant in historical past, Aronian, in a combative but balanced draw. In a Ruy Lopez, the Uzbek grandmaster employed the distinctive Qe1-c3 maneuver to press Aronian’s doubled c-pawns and adopted with aggressive intentions towards Black’s uncastled king with Ng5 and f4. Aronian reacted with correct protection and after a couple of items have been exchanged, the sport discovered its method to a largely closed ending the place the gamers agreed to a draw.

Carlsen vs. Caruana noticed the world champion return to his stride. Earlier than this recreation, these two legendary gamers had confronted one another 55 occasions in classical video games with Carlsen taking a 12-5 lead with 38 attracts. 

Dealing with off within the Ruy Lopez―each are consultants On this opening―Caruana performed a shocking line, recapturing on d4 along with his knight as an alternative of the standard middle guaranteeing cxd4. The American grandmaster adopted up with bold kingside growth: f4 and e5, but Carlsen responded by leaving his knight hanging to wrestle the initiative from his rival with 21.Bc6!

With a wide-open recreation and all of the techniques favoring Black, Caruana’s place fell to items nearly instantly. As Naroditsky famous: “I’m in whole disbelief for the way this place has deteriorated fatally for Mr. Caruana.”

I’m in whole disbelief for the way this place has deteriorated fatally for Mr. Caruana.

-Daniel Naroditsky

Carlsen’s compelling dynamic play makes this our Sport of the Day, annotated by GM Rafael Leitao

GM Rafael Leitao GotD

In his post-game interview, Carlsen shared: “I believed that I might be strong, but when he desires to go for a battle, the circumstances are fairly good for me.”

If he desires to go for a battle, the circumstances are fairly good for me.

-Magnus Carlsen

No person places Carlsen within the nook. Picture: Lennart Ootes/Tata Metal Chess Match 2023.

GM Vincent Keymer ready an aggressive response to GM Anish Giri‘s Italian Sport, pushing his kingside pawns up the board. Giri countered by gaining area after which an additional pawn on the queenside, however the German prodigy’s lively items gave him full compensation. After a queen commerce, the gamers agreed to a draw on transfer 28. IM Adrian Petrisor has annotated this well-balanced battle.

In a Caro-Kann Superior, GM Wesley So unleashed the novelty 11.Bxe5!? with the tactical level that he can depart his bishop en prise after 11…Bf6 on account of a looming double assault along with his queen on the h5-e8 diagonal. GM Ding Liren responded with sensible improvement and after each side castled, the sport settled right into a tamer place revolving round Ding’s remoted e-pawn. Finally, the gamers traded into a good rook ending and drew. 

In an Italian Sport meets Rapport’s imaginative fashion, the Romanian grandmaster performed the unprecedented 10.h4, gaining area on the kingside and castling queenside to throw this basic strategic opening right into a doubled-edged slugfest.

Praggnanandhaa R. ran his king in the direction of the middle to flee the open kingside strains, however Rapport rushed his e-pawn to e5 after which e6 to proceed his kingside breakthrough. The Indian prodigy precisely sacrificed the alternate as his greatest attempt to maintain, however within the materials down ending, Praggnanandhaa ran out of time, overlooking that he was nonetheless on transfer 39. 

Rapport’s spirited play earned him his first victory. Picture: Jurriaan Hoefsmit/Tata Metal Chess Match 2023.

GM Arjun Erigaisi employed the aggressive King’s Indian Protection in opposition to van Foreest, taking early area on the kingside after which bringing his queen and different items to hover round his opponent’s king. Nonetheless, when Black’s assault stalled, van Foreest broke via on the queenside, giving up a knight for 3 pawns to acquire two potent related passers.

With dynamic play all around the board, the Dutch grandmaster continued to make progress―even within the face of Erigaisi opening up his kingside pawn cowl―till his handed pawns have been unstoppable besides by a lack of materials. 

Van Foreest was fearless this spherical. Picture: Jurriaan Hoefsmit/Tata Metal Chess Match 2023.

True to his fashion, GM Parham Maghsoodloo turned a typical IQP middlegame right into a board-wide brawl with 21…g5!? vs. Gukesh. The youngest competitor responded by specializing in his queenside strain and advancing his a-pawn. In the meantime, the Iranian grandmaster ripped open the middle with 28…d4 after which set off a kingside onslaught with 33…Qe1+ and 34…Qxf2+.

Regardless of Black’s items respiratory down his king’s neck, Gukesh continued to make progress on the opposite aspect of the board, creating an bold passer. The gamers’ totally different strengths within the place rivaled one another, and the sport appeared to be heading to a perpetual test when one inaccurate transfer gave Gukesh the possibility to tip the scales in his favor. 

The gloves have been off between these promising grandmasters on Sunday. Picture: Jurriaan Hoefsmit/Tata Metal Chess Match 2023.

Within the Challengers part, Yilmaz received a wild recreation vs. GM Javokhir Sindarov. After the sport, Yilmaz shared: “The sport was so difficult. After each single transfer, I used to be altering my thoughts!”

Additionally tied for second, Velimir sacrificed a pawn to realize the higher hand within the Berlin endgame vs. GM Jergus Pechac. As well as, GM B. Adhiban scored his first win, defeating GM Luis Supi with a artistic tactical shot to supercharge his kingside assault. Attempt your hand at discovering it.  

Outcomes – Masters Spherical 8

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Pairings – Masters Spherical 9

All Video games – Masters Spherical 8

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