Hello I am in search of the identify or directions for a card sport. That is what iv been instructed however appears like I am lacking one thing.
In search of a card sport apparently referred to as “kings”
everybody dealt 4 playing cards every and all the time solely has 4 playing cards in hand at a time
Can solely have a look at 2 of your playing cards at the beginning of every spherical.
Take turns both taking a card from the highest of the deck or from the discard pile however it is advisable put down a card out of your hand
Concept is to get the bottom rating potential. King is value 0. Ace is 1. Jack, Queen are 10. Joker is 50 and as quickly as it’s flipped onto the desk the spherical is over
First to 100 loses
Spherical is ended by both the joker being place on the pile or when somebody knocks on the desk. Everybody else will get yet one more go after somebody knocks. You knock If you suppose you’ve obtained a fairly good low rating and need to wrap up the spherical earlier than others have an opportunity to swap out a few of their playing cards for a decrease rating
Iv learn the foundations for kabo however I do not suppose it is quiet the identical

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