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bridge – Was I proper or flawed to worth the next as a gap hand?

Some ten level fingers will be valued as opening fingers, however that one, not fairly. The reason being that the J9x and J9 combos aren’t price very a lot. That’s, your ten and two nines are price lower than normal as a result of they’re in brief fits. Lastly, for a hand with a six card go well with, the 6-3-2-2 distribution is the worst attainable.

The “rule of 20” means that the sum of excessive card factors and the size of the 2 longest fits needs to be that quantity. So with ten excessive card factors, you must have a 6-4 (or 5-5) distribution.

Change the hand barely to

♠ JT9x
♡ A9xxxx
♢ J9
♣ A

and also you’d have a greater case for opening with it, due to the 6-4 distribution within the majors, the T and 9 collectively within the lengthy spade go well with, and a singleton in addition to a doubleton.

If I had the unique hand immediately, I’d open a “weak two” slightly than on the “one” stage with it. I take into account A, KQ, or QJT equal “headers” for my six card go well with, and I just like the aspect ace in a brief go well with, in addition to the highest of the 5-10 vary



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