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arithmetic – What’s the Shade Code™?

Impressed from Are you able to title the nation code? and What’s a Quantity™? collection

% {custom} template – reuse when you might
defT{colour{white}{textbf{ Quantity }}}defNT{colour{white}{textbf{ Shade Code}^{™}}}displaystyle
~textual content{ 0 }&colour{inexperienced}{ Inexperienced } hline
~textual content{ 1 }&colour{indigo}{ Indigo } hline
~textual content{ $varphi$ }&textual content{ ? } hline
~textual content{ 2 }&colour{violet}{ Violet } hline
~textual content{ $e$ }&colour{Orange}{ Orange } hline
~textual content{ 3 }&colour{Indigo}{ Indigo } hline
~textual content{ $pi$ }&colour{Orange}{ Orange } hline
~textual content{ 4 }&colour{purple}{ Purple } hline
~textual content{ 5 }&colour{orange}{ Orange } hline
~textual content{ 6 }&colour{inexperienced}{ Inexperienced } hline
~textual content{ 7 }&colour{yellow}{ Yellow } hline
~textual content{ 8 }&colour{inexperienced}{ Inexperienced } hline
~textual content{ 9 }&colour{Indigo}{ Indigo } hline
~textual content{ 17 }&colour{orange}{ Orange } hline
~textual content{ 42 }&textual content{ ? } hline

3 Questions for this puzzle

  1. What’s the Shade code of $varphi$?
  2. What’s the Shade code of 42?
  3. What’s the smallest integer quantity to be $colour{Blue}{Blue}$?

First affordable step to decision is to spell out in English every integer or fixed

All potential colour codes are given within the puzzle

Extending trace A.1.

You will have the variety of letters of every integer or fixed spell out in English.

You will have to search out the suitable type on all colours.

I am including an trace sooner than I deliberate as a bounty was given.

The general cryptography scheme is:

Type colours like Trace C and choose a given quantity $x$.
1. Spell out $x$ like Trace A and save the variety of letters $n$.
2. Apply a cryptography operate which wants $n$, $x$ and the suitable type on colours.
3. Output of cryptography operate is $x$‘s colour code.

Word that our cryptography operate is basically easy, for my part, almost all undergraduate college students would perceive it, however not discover it essentially as you have guessed it 🙂



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