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All Missions and Beneficial Ranges in Wo Lengthy Fallen Dynasty

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Getting by means of Wo Lengthy Fallen Dynasty is likely to be a breeze or a real take a look at of will and persistence. It’s a recreation not for the faint of coronary heart, so in case you’re going by means of the war-torn areas of China throughout the late Han Dynasty, you would possibly need to know the way far alongside you’ve gotten. Listed below are all of the missions in addition to their advisable ranges in Wo Lengthy Fallen Dynasty.

All Missions in Wo Lengthy Fallen Dynasty

Beneath will probably be a listing of missions damaged down into what area or “Half” of the story they’re in. This can be utilized as an excellent indicator to know the way shut you’re to the top or in case you ought to prepare up a bit extra earlier than shifting on. All missions indicated with one asterisk (*) signify that they’re aspect missions or are known as Sub Battlefields in-game.

Half 1

  • Village of Calamity – Stage 1

Half 2

  • Two Chivalrous Heroes – Stage 5
  • The Valley of Crying Wraiths – Stage 11
  • The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven – Stage 17*
  • The Yellow Heaven Burns – Stage 10*
  • Story of Guiguzi – Stage 13*
  • The Flying Swallow of Heishan – Stage 20*

Half 3

  • In Search of the Immortal Wizard – Stage 25
  • Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch – Stage 29
  • Shadow of the Sacred Mountain – Stage 27*
  • Escape from the Capital – Stage 33*
  • The Valorous Trio – Stage 35*

Half 4

  • The Battle of Hualoguan Move – Stage 37
  • Centuries of Glory Burned Away – Stage 43
  • Darkness Over the Hanshui River – Stage 49
  • Tyrant’s Closing Banquet – Stage 55
  • Like Father, Like Son – Stage 41*
  • The Misplaced Sacred Artifact – Stage 45*
  • The Tiger’s Loyal Topics – Stage 53*
  • Destiny of the Entertainer – Stage 57*
  • Bloodbath of Meiwu Fort – Stage 58*
  • Realm of Battle – Stage 57*
  • Inexperienced Plum, Heat Liquor – Stage 60*
  • Zhao Yun’s Exile – Stage 57*
  • The Unparalleled Spear – Stage 59*

Half 5

  • Battle’s Flames Blaze Fiercely – Stage 61
  • The Means of the Warrior – Stage 67
  • Lu Bu, Mightiest Amongst Males – Stage 73
  • The Uninhibited Coronary heart – Stage 62*
  • Caliber of a Hero – Stage 69*
  • Legend of the Thunder God – Stage 71*
  • Preachers of the Darkish Path – Stage 77*

Half 6

  • Behold the Glaive of Righteousness – Stage 79
  • Decisive Battle of Guandu – Stage 85
  • The Assault on Wuchao – Stage 80*
  • The Fearless Blade – Stage 84*
  • Let’s Make Our Armor Shine! – Stage 83*
  • Heirloom Seal of the Realm – Stage 88*
  • The Request of Goddess Luo – Stage 90*

Half 7

  • The Crouching Dragon Roars – Stage 93
  • The Two Partitions Stand Tall – Stage 97*
  • Satisfaction of the Yuan Clan – Stage 99*
  • The Crouching Dragon’s Trial – Stage 100*
  • Let’s Make Our Halberds Shine! – Stage 98*


  • Wizardry Spell Mastery – Stage 32*
  • The Scarlet Crystal – Stage 76*

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So there are various missions to partake in. As you could discover, it does seem to be there’s an enormous distinction between essential missions and aspect missions.

What’s the Greatest Order of Missions?

Relying in your talent, it’s greatest to tackle each mission you possibly can, from ascending order. You’ll see that Essential Battlefield missions make an enormous leap from advisable ranges. It’s greatest to tackle the Sub Battlefields to be able to acquire a couple of ranges alongside the best way earlier than heading on to the following.

That means, whereas it could derail you from the story for a bit, it is possible for you to to hone your abilities, stage up extra into your required Virtues, and even acquire new gear and weapons alongside the best way. In case you are assured sufficient to solely deal with story missions, the sport gained’t cease you from taking part in them.



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