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9 Unanswered Questions We Have About Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

#4 – What are we going to gather as we discover? Extra Koroks?

Picture: Nintendo Life

Beneath each rock, on the backside of each lake, and on the high of each single mountain peak, a Korok hid in Breath of the Wild. Discovering all of them and taking the seeds to Hetsu helped you improve your stock and earn one thing particular if you happen to discovered all 900, however they actually served as a reward for exploration – to present you a purpose to make Zelda wait a bit of longer than a century.

As a sequel, logically we’d count on to gather one thing comparable in Tears of the Kingdom. However what? We don’t know if we are able to hearken to ‘Yahaha! You discovered me!’ a number of hundred extra instances, so what are we going to gather as a substitute? Tears of Mild, as seen in Twilight Princess, maybe? Or, since a lot of the sport appears to happen within the sky, possibly we’ll chase down Ooccas?

On second thought, we hope they persist with Koroks.

#5 – Will Sheikah Slate talents return in the identical kind?

Time Stasis
Picture: Nintendo

Within the trailers up to now, Hyperlink doesn’t seem to hold his Sheikah Slate. The overwhelming majority of Breath of the Wild’s puzzles made use of the Rune talents it housed – Magnesis, Distant Bombs, Stasis, and Cryonis.

We’ve seen Hyperlink use a Stasis-like skill since, however that might be one thing fully totally different. Of the opposite three, nothing. We’d think about bombs will make a return – even simply as an merchandise tied to arrows – however what of the others?

With how inventive Aonuma and his staff are, we think about they’ve loads extra Rune-based puzzles hidden up the sleeves of their Hylian tunics.

#6 – When precisely does Tears of the Kingdom happen?

Link's Hair
Picture: Nintendo

A lot of the design round Tears of the Kingdom pertains to the Zonai, an historic and mysterious tribe depicted solely environmentally and in merchandise descriptions in Breath of the Wild. The important thing phrase right here is historic – will Hyperlink journey again in time? It wouldn’t be the primary time the Hero of Hyrule did so.

Hyperlink and Zelda look much like their earlier BOTW look, however in addition to Zelda’s new haircut we additionally see various Hyperlink with longer hair and carrying considerably ancient-looking clothes. Whereas this query hasn’t been answered explicitly within the trailers, we expect there’s some temporal occurring.

#7 – How modified will Hyrule actually be?

Changed Hyrule
Picture: Nintendo

Rito-eyed followers will discover that, in most of the trailers, Hyrule appears fairly comparable, although removed from idential. Floating islands are the obvious departure. Unusual, green-glowing markings on the bottom. The distinct lack of Sheikah towers and shrines on the horizon. Really, evidently quite a bit might need modified since Calamity Ganon was defeated and Zelda received a haircut.

However how a lot, actually? We haven’t gotten extra info or any clearer pictures that present an altered panorama. Perhaps we gained’t spend a lot time in Hyrule, in spite of everything?

#8 – Will weapons nonetheless have the sturdiness of moist paper towels?

Picture: Nintendo Life

We didn’t have plenty of criticisms for Breath of the Wild when it launched, and we nonetheless don’t half a decade later. Nonetheless, we would not thoughts if one in all gamers’ largest qualms – how most weapons break if a Moblin appears at Hyperlink the unsuitable means – is addressed in Tears of the Kingdom.

Lately, most of you voted that the sturdiness system wants some tweaks. In all of the trailers, nevertheless, we haven’t seen something to point whether or not weapons nonetheless break or not. We might hope, on the very least, there is a handy method to restore our most treasured weapons.



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