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10 Greatest Metal Sort Pokemon Of 2023

It’s time to seize a Pokeball and include us as we take a look at one of the best Metal sort Pokemon!

The Metal sort was first launched within the second technology of Pokemon video games, starting with Pokemon Gold and Silver.

General, it’s the strongest sort from the perspective of Defence; Metal has the best common Defence stat of any sort within the recreation!

Of the 1000-plus Pokemon within the Pokedex, a comparatively small variety of Metal sort monsters seem.

There’s simply 83 total, with solely 17 of these being single sort, Metal-only Pokemon.

That are one of the best although?

So, be part of us as we take a look at one of the best Metal sort Pokemon!

10. Mega Steelix

Mega Steelix

Although Steelix itself debuted in technology two titles Pokemon Gold and Silver, it wasn’t till Omega Ruby and Sapphire onwards that its Mega Evolution grew to become obtainable.

For those who commerce an Onix – one of many authentic, first technology Pokemon – whereas it holds Metallic Coat, it’ll evolve right into a Metal and Floor sort Steelix.

As with many Metal sort Pokemon, Steelix has completely phenomenal Defence – good luck with damaging this Pokemon!

But its Mega advanced type – which you will get utilizing Steelixite – is even stronger, Defence-wise.

In reality, Mega Steelix is joint second in your entire Pokedex, when it comes to how excessive its Defence stat is!

So why is it ranked so low on the checklist of one of the best Metal sort Pokemon?

Sadly, although it positively excels when it comes to its Defence, in addition to an above common Assault stat, it underwhelms in different areas – notably when it comes to its Sp. Atk and Pace.

Regardless of its unbelievable Defence, Mega Steelix is a really sluggish Pokemon with pretty common HP – which does mark it down in our estimation. 

Like most Metal Pokemon, it has only a few weaknesses – with Electrical and Poison sort strikes being utterly ineffective. 

It’s price noting that Hearth, Water, Combating and Floor sort strikes all have an opportunity towards Mega Steelix, nonetheless – with them being Tremendous Efficient!

9. Mega Lucario

Mega Lucario - best steel type pokemon

Technology 4 titles noticed the introduction of Combating and Metal sort Pokemon Lucario.

Although Lucario is robust in its personal proper, it’s nothing in comparison with its Mega Evolution, which made its first look in Pokemon X and Y.

This bipedal beast is simply as formidable because it seems to be, with an excellent Assault stat that solely simply outranks its spectacular Sp. Atk.

Although – surprisingly, for a Metal sort – it doesn’t have notably nice Defence or Sp. Def, it makes up for it by being surprisingly fast when it comes to its Pace.

Although Mega Lucario’s strongest Metal sort transfer is realized at stage 48 – Meteor Mash – and has solely a 90% probability of hitting, it does have the very good Shut Fight transfer at stage 60, which is 100% correct and has 120 Energy too!

It’s positively extra Combating than Metal when it comes to its strikes, however Mega Lucario positively has the advantages of a Metal sort when it comes to its lack of weaknesses, with many varieties struggling to be efficient towards it.

So Mega Lucario is unquestionably an excellent all-rounder, particularly if you happen to aren’t intending to make use of it notably defensively!

8. Mega Aggron

Mega Aggron

The unique Aggron first popped up in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, a part of the third technology of Pokemon video games.

A Metal and Rock sort Pokemon, Aggron’s Mega Evolution wasn’t made doable till the discharge of Pokemon X and Y.

Even in its regular type, Aggron’s Defence stat is genuinely spectacular – however in Mega Aggron type, its Defence stat is identical as Mega Steelix, that means that it’s additionally in joint second place for highest Defence in your entire Pokedex!

Mega Aggron excels in Assault too, making this a fairly fearsome beast.

Sadly, its low placement on this checklist is because of poor Pace and solely common HP, Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats.

It’s price noting, nonetheless, that there’s not one transfer sort that’s tremendous efficient towards Mega Aggron, which is fairly spectacular. The closest any varieties get are Hearth, Combating and Floor, all of which do 150% injury. 

Nothing does double injury to this monster!

7. Nightfall Mane Necrozma

Dusk Mane Necrozma - best steel type pokemon

Psychic Pokemon Necrozma was launched in Pokemon Solar and Moon; often called the Prism Pokemon, it could possibly evolve into a wide range of totally different types, every of which has its personal sort along with Psychic.

To pay money for a Nightfall Mane Necrozma your self, you’ll must fuse one other Pokemon – particularly Solgaleo – with the N-Solarizer merchandise.

Nightfall Mane Necrozma has fairly spectacular stats throughout the board – apart from its Pace – however really excels with a devastatingly excessive Assault stat.

Its rating is decrease right here than you could anticipate, as a result of its offensive functionality merely isn’t in Metal strikes, nonetheless – most of that are defensive.

It does study Psychic transfer Prismatic Laser at stage 88 although; this can be a 100% correct transfer with 160 energy, making it extremely sturdy!

6. Solgaleo

For those who do have a Solgaleo, nonetheless – you may need to maintain onto it as an alternative of evolving it right into a Nightfall Mane Necrozma.

In our humble opinion at Retro Dodo, we contemplate Solgaleo to simply about be the higher possibility if you happen to’re on the lookout for a powerful, Metal sort Pokemon!

Debuting in Pokemon Solar and Moon – and similar to Nightfall Mane Necrozma, certainly one of its advanced types – Solgaleo is a Psychic and Metal sort Pokemon.

It evolves from Cosmoem as soon as that Pokemon reaches stage 53 – although solely in Pokemon Solar or Extremely Solar; when Cosmoem reaches stage 53 in Pokemon Moon or Extremely Moon, it truly evolves into Psychic/Ghost sort Pokemon Lunala as an alternative.

Cosmoem itself evolves from Cosmog at stage 43.

Solgaleo’s HP and Assault stats are actually excessive, with glorious stats elsewhere too, although Sp. Def is barely underwhelming.

Solgaleo – maybe befitting its Metal sort – additionally has the power Full Metallic Physique, which prevents different Pokemon from decreasing its stats!

Very like Nightfall Mane Necrozma, Solgaleo’s assault energy lies largely in non-Metal sort strikes – with its strongest Metal assault, Flash Cannon, being realized at stage 28.

Nonetheless, there’s a particular technique to get your Solgaleo an awesome Metal sort transfer – if you happen to evolve it in Pokemon Sword and Protect; if you happen to do, you’ll have entry to Sunsteel Strike, which has 100% accuracy and 100 energy too! 

5. Dialga (Origin Forme)

Dialga - Origin Forme - best steel type pokemon

Metal and Dragon sort Pokemon Dialga was first launched in Pokemon Diamond; being that recreation’s Legendary Pokemon, it seems on the quilt artwork too!

Whereas holding an Adamant Crystal in Pokemon Legends: Arceus or Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Dialga will remodel into its Origin Forme.

This Pokemon’s stats are above common throughout the board, with Sp. Atk being essentially the most spectacular of all. Defence and Sp. Def are each properly above common too!

Dialga’s Origin Forme solely has weak point towards Combating and Floor sort strikes, with resistance to virtually all different transfer varieties. It’s even utterly resistant to Poison sort strikes!

Regardless of how sturdy Origin Forme Dialga appears, simply wait till you see the following entry on our checklist of one of the best Metal sort Pokemon!

4. Dialga


That’s proper – the OG Dialga simply sneaks forward of its Origin Forme in our Metal sort Pokemon checklist!

Regardless of displaying up method again in technology 4, Metal and Dragon sort Dialga continues to be among the many best possible Metal sort Pokemon.

With a really sturdy Sp. Atk stat, in addition to glorious Assault and Defence, Dialga can also be above common with all its different stats too.

It has the identical weaknesses as its Origin Forme – solely two varieties, Combating and Floor, are twice as efficient towards Dialga – with the identical resistances and immunity to Poison too.

For those who’re utilizing Dialga in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, at stage 55 it learns Flash Cannon – a 100% correct transfer with 80 energy. Although this isn’t Dialga’s strongest assault transfer, it is one of the best Metal sort transfer it has in its oeuvre.

Dragon sort transfer Roar of Time – which has a tremendous 150 energy and is realized at stage 60, once more in Pokemon Legends: Arceus – is the jewel in Dialga’s crown, although it does ‘solely’ have 90% accuracy.

Its moveset and skills do fluctuate relying on which technology recreation you’re utilizing it in, however no matter that, Dialga is a wonderful Pokemon and positively one of many strongest Metal sort Pokemon!

3. Topped Protect Zamazenta

Crowned Shield Zamazenta - best steel type pokemon

This Pokemon – which debuted as the quilt star of Pokemon Protect – has a behavior of constructing its method into the lists at Retro Dodo.

Topped Protect Zamazenta has appeared in our heaviest Pokemon, greatest canine Pokemon and our greatest wolf Pokemon lists too!

So it’s clear that there’s positively one thing particular about this explicit creature.

From a stats perspective, this Combating and Metal sort Pokemon is basically spectacular, apart from its barely underpowered Sp. Atk and a nearly above common HP.

In each different space although, Topped Protect Zamazenta is excellent.

Like many different Metal sort strikes, many of the ones that Topped Protect Zamazenta learns are defensive in nature – although at stage 33 it does study Iron Head, which is 100% correct and has 80 energy.

Topped Protect Zamazenta positively deserves its place close to the highest of one of the best Metal sort Pokemon checklist – it’s no surprise it’s so often featured in our articles!

2. Topped Sword Zacian

Crowned Sword Zacian

The counterpart to Topped Protect Zamazenta, Pokemon Sword’s Legendary cowl star is Topped Sword Zacian.

One other acquainted face, Topped Sword Zacian has appeared in our strongest Pokemon, greatest Fairy sort Pokemon and greatest Pokemon staff articles! 

With unbelievable Pace and a large Assault stat – the joint sixth highest Assault in your entire Pokedex – this Fairy and Metal sort Pokemon is unquestionably one you need to have in your facet.

Topped Sword Zacian’s weaknesses are few too; solely Hearth and Floor varieties have an opportunity towards it! 

It even has immunity towards Poison and Dragon sort strikes!

Similar to Topped Protect Zamazenta, one of the best Metal sort transfer that Topped Sword Zacian learns is Iron Head, additionally at stage 33.

It does produce other, significantly highly effective strikes in its repertoire although – incomes it this excessive spot on one of the best Metal sort Pokemon checklist!

Who’s taken the coveted primary spot although? Learn on and discover out!

1. Mega Metagross

Mega Metagross - best steel type pokemon

The unique type of Metagross makes an look on our greatest Psychic Pokemon checklist – nevertheless it’s the Mega Evolution that takes the primary spot on one of the best Metal sort Pokemon checklist!

Metagross made its debut look method again in third technology titles Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire – however this Mega advanced type wasn’t launched till a lot later, in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Although ever so barely missing in the case of HP, the Metal and Psychic Mega Metagross – which is made up of 1 Metang, and two Beldum linking as much as create a completely large Pokemon – has completely phenomenal Assault and Defence stats, together with above common Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Pace stats.

At stage 52, Mega Metagross learns its strongest Metal sort assault transfer – Meteor Mash.

But it’s Hyper Beam, a Regular sort assault realized at stage 82, that’s the true trump card for Mega Metagross. Although solely 90% correct, when it hits, it actually hits arduous!

Unsurprisingly, a mix of its very good stats and wealth of nice strikes make Mega Metagross a transparent alternative for the highest of one of the best Metal sort Pokemon checklist!

Which Metal Sort Pokrmon are in your staff? Inform us your favorite go-to pocket monsters over on Fb, Twitter, and Instagram!




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